Highway Ke Us Par; Tale Of A City Divided By The Highway

Gurgaon is one of the fastest growing cities in North India and is also home to the local offices of more than 250  Fortune 500 companies. Glitz and All the tall buildings are what people think of when they hear Gurgaon but there is so much more than just that.  Many many years ago Gurgaon was divided right in the middle by something that we call NH8 nowadays. One side of Gurgaon is one of the most happening places & the other one is ‘sati savitri’ of the city. So here is a North Gurgaon Vs South Gurgaon for you all.

North Gurgaon Vs South Gurgaon

The northern part of Gurgaon is like Sita from Sita Gita and The southern Gurgaon is Geeta because that’s where all the fun happens! If I were to ask you about any fun/happening places in Gurgaon you would probably say any three of these – MG Road, Cyber Hub, Sec 29 market, Golf course Road, Golf course Extension Road & Galleria. Guess what? All of these places are in South Gurgaon, Need any other explanation as to why South Gurgaon is like Gita?

North Gurgaon, on the other hand, is quite a surprise to a lot of people, with not more than 2 malls which is nothing compared to the number of malls in south Gurgaon. We don’t have anything against North Gurgaon, In fact, I was born and brought up in Sector 21 myself so Personally, I prefer this side, With Sadar Bazar and Sector 14 Market nearby do we really need those fancy malls all these DLF people keep on bragging about?  We can get equally good stuff here at our desi bazars. In fact, before all the DLF peeps moved here, this side of the highway was a prime property… well why wouldn’t it be? We have Maruti here, We have one of the largest parks in Gurgaon here & Sadar Bazar of course!

North Gurgaon Vs South Gurgaon

But with time, different builders like DLF and well, many more started investing on the other side of the Highway and hence, Now they have Cyber city, A complete road stretch filled with malls, one of the biggest malls in north India and what not! So it was natural for the residents to become as posh as the area! To give you all an idea just like South Delhi and South Bombay are an entirely different universe similarly South Gurgaon is too!

But, the sad part is that everyone is fairly aware of the other areas of Delhi & Bombay but hardly anyone know about Gurgaon like that. Gurgaon is so much more than just Parties & Nightlife! So here is a list of things Gurgaon should also be known for!

The broken old Delhi Gurgaon road and did you know that there are more potholes than the residents in Gurgaon ( I just made it up)

North Gurgaon Vs South Gurgaon

These mustard fields where every 90’s kid can actually live their DDLJ fantasy…

North Gurgaon Vs South Gurgaon


Sadar Bazar ( Yes, we have one in Gurgaon that too in North Gurgaon, Beat that! )

North Gurgaon Vs South Gurgaon

32nd Milestone ( 32nd Avenue) The first ever entertainment center in Gurgaon!

North Gurgaon Vs South Gurgaon

But despite all of this, There are so many things we as Gurgaonites are collectively proud of like Cyber city which is a home to so many local offices of the Fortune 500 companies, Offices where people from as far as Delhi & Noida come here on a daily basis to work, Our beautiful golf course road which we all love from the bottom of our hearts, The amazing food joints on either side of the highway and what not! There are a lot of things that divide us literally like the highway but there are even more things that unite us like – The poor air quality, Broken roads, Open potholes & Our love for cyber hub!

Your very own Gurgaonite!

Himani Yadav



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