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“It isn’t going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it!”.

Becoming a mother is by far the most exhilarating, yet the most anxious period in a woman’s life, especially during pregnancy. Writing as a first hand experience, I can share with conviction that no matter how excited you are about welcoming your new baby and growing your family, pregnancy can feel like a waiting game — a long one filled with nausea, exhaustion, swelling, back pain. Sometimes just knowing where to start and what information you can trust, can be a challenge… So, while you’re at the waiting game, why not make it a comfortable, fun and pampered one?

‘Mumma’ Has Got Your Back!

The timely doctor visits, are of course, recommended, but it’s always wise to have curative measures at hand, right next to you, to turn you into the new age ‘on her toes’ mom… and is the ‘mamma’ that will make your pregnancy (and after), a breeze! Every trimester, every symptom, every baby need taken care of… just like a mother!

The brainchild of Vanshika Mittal and Mayank Garg, toils to curate every single product you can bet on, to make this challenge, the warmest, fuzziest ever! A one stop shop for all your pregnancy needs and beyond… And If you are skeptical (understandably), about the quality and run time of the products, then you are at the right place, because what i am about to share, is an experience that can make your pregnancy feel like a cake walk!

When The Going Gets Tough, ‘Mumma’ Gets Going!

1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

Every trimester comes with a fresh set of changes… and challenges. But how easy would it be if you had a cure for every discomfort? Of course it’s possible….. because doesn’t leave any stone unturned! Here’s how…

  • India’s First Maternity Subscription Box- The simplest products that work like magic on your nausea, leg pain or back pain… even encouraging you on the days you feel down and out, packaged into one neat ‘India’s first’ box…. or get it filled by picking products of your choice and needs. Starting at INR 2999 Only! Choose from Monthly Boxes and Trimester Boxes… and have an easy breezy motherhood!
2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift box
  • Tailored to Due Date- Because no day is ever the same, the subscription boxes pull you through every symptom you encounter. From the first month’s nausea, third month’s anxiety to the fifth month’s baby shower preparations and eighth month’s swollen feet,
  • Niche Brands- They know the importance of safety and health, being their primary concerns. Their products range from a variety of brands imported from US and Europe, are organic and curated with utmost caution. No wonder the products are pregnancy best sellers with brands like Bella B, Belli, PSI Bands imported from US!
3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box
  • Right At Your Doorstep- Monthly deliveries for every stage of your pregnancy tailored to your due date, and delivered right to you, just so you don’t have to stress about straining yourself physically.
  • Glow on The Go box that ensures you shine like a star, to Month by Month boxes that pull you through every month’s challenges (puffy eyes, relaxing gels, foot dips and what not!).
Glow On The Go Box
  • Limited Edition Gift Boxes for All Mums (Pregnant + Non-Pregnant)
  • Perfect Baby Shower Gift- Welcome to the newest and the most exciting way of gifting ! Choose From their Limited Edition Gift Boxes which make for perfect Gifts for the Pregnant and the New Mumma!

A Sneak Peek!

This section is to get your curiosity levels, down to rest. A quick sneak peek into the life of a mamma, the symptoms and their answers….

Nausea– No more of that gaggy feeling. Put on their anti-nausea wrist band, a whiff of the mogra sachet or a bite of the pregnancy chocolate, to get up and bounce!

Treasured Trinkets Box

Swelling/ Pain– The most dreaded, but slip on their mint infused socks, slather on the cooling leg and foot cream, dip your feet into the relaxing soak, get soaked in the lavender bath salts or grab the wooden massager…. and you’re as good as…… new!

It’s a Forever Thing Box

Insomnia– The twists and turns can make you feel lethargic and sleep deprived. A fragranced pillow mist can help infuse that much needed snooze… else the gel eye mask does the trick too.

Sore no More Box

Skin Changes- Yes… it does! And brings the most amazing body cream, face wash, lip balm and cleanser… the highlight… the chocolate mask that will keep you in good spirits… so you Never lose your cherry!

The Sleep Deprived Mumma Box

Gift Right- Something that keeps the pregnant or new mom vibrant is the affection and care conferred on her. The best way to show her that she is taken care of, is to gift her exactly what she needs. Get her the Sleep Deprived Box, The Forever Thing Box for memories or the Treasured Trinkets to hold close!

All things said, there is nothing like a one stop shop…. almost like the hand that rocks the cradle! to the rescue! Fabulous, is what we call it!




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