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Michigan Taps Hits The Town! It’s New, It’s Hot.. It’s Making The Talk!!

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March 19, 2020

There is no denying that Gurgaon has a terrific night life, it never stops, it is never scarce. Loud music, unlimited booze, appetizers to keep you going, food that will leave you finger licking, and the unstoppable dancing. Amidst the chaos of it was born Michigan Taps, a place of its own, at the Ground floor of Global Foyer Mall, Golf Course Road, bringing to you the taste of brewed beers and a wholesome menu of global cuisines, along with some mean cocktails.

Sweeping you off your feet as you enter the doors that opens wide to a time, of the bygone. The classy interiors, the nicely set dining area with cushioned chairs and wooden tables, The music- jazz, blues, the classics, just the way you like it, just does it! The bar is eye catchy with the large collection of alcohol stocked up and the chandeliers hanging right above it. 

Given the fact that it is a microbrewery I of course has to get those tap beers and gulp them down. My pick amongst them would be the American Wild Brown Ale. Why you ask? Well, it was a perfect in between, strong and light at the same time, with a mild sweetness and the beer taste hitting you just right. 

Of course, I had to try more, so I went with the bartender’s special, Blue Pearl, With a dash of lime juice, the drink was refreshing. the elderflower syrup, sugar syrup and the pineapple juice gave it the zing for the taste buds with some egg whites and for the foundation we had, Gin! 

Cucumber Cooler

But this place brings the best for all. The Cucumber cooler from the mocktail menu is just the perfect drink at the end of a long, hot day. The drink is what it should be, COOL!

Food is the other key. When Chef Abdul talked about the food and the engineering behind it, one could sense the excitement in his voice. He brought his magic wand to Michigan Taps to sprinkle his expertise.

The crispiness of the Salt and Pepper Crispy corn was set to perfection, The flavor of the salt and pepper was in the right amount. It is always the basic dish that one takes for granted. Well, they paid attention and had the perfect dish served.

A dish that I love and call my soul food, is Honey Chilli Potato... simply impeccable. The presentation was neat, An appetizer that was kicking with the drinks. 

Chicken Tikka

Being the non-vegetarian, I am, my carnivorous teeth were starving. I decided to first go with a safe choice, Chicken Tikka. The chicken was soft and juicy. How could I stop at just one?

Mutton Barrah Chaap

On chef’s recommendation I had to try Mutton Barrah Chaap. Unlike the usual mutton chaap this one is made with the raw meat instead of having it boiled first. It melted in my mouth, set so beautifully on the plate that you cannot take your eyes off this art. This was the definition of exquisite. 

Grilled Fish

From the seafood menu, Grilled Fish is what I would call a must try. Not very heavy on your tummy, the fish is cooked to perfection, dressed in a flavorsome sauce.

Indo Chinese Bhel

Indo Chinese Bhel is a fusion of Indian and Chinese, tangy, sweet and spicy at the same time. This dish would explode flavors in your mouth. 

Chicken Dimsum

Some other items from the menu that nailed it for me was the thin crust Farm-house pizza, chicken dimsum, veg salt and pepper.

Given my humongous appetite I have, there was no stopping me. Lo and behold, for one of the most delectable main courses I had in the city. 

Farm-house pizza

Butter Chicken, of course! This is one of the best I have tried in the city. I kid not. Flawless!

Another best that I had in the city- Laal Maas curry. The mutton was undeniably soft and very well cooked. The flavors in the curry were distinguishably scrumptious... as was the Perfected Dal Makhani, chef's specialty, created with diligence.

Hot Choco Lava cake

When it was all done and dusted, some angel came and placed this beautifully made Hot Choco Lava cake with a cherry on top and the perfect vanilla ice cream to go with. The volcanic eruption of the chocolate oozing out... bliss!

The food at Michigan Taps is perfect on my scoreboard. It has blended the cuisines from all over the world in one plate very creatively. 

Now the question is, is it only food and drinks? No! Apart from the heart warming, soul touching drink and food, Michigan Taps also has the floor open for Ladies’ night, DJ night, and live band performances. 

Don’t just keep reading about it. I have walked the walk. It is your turn to get your groove on and try this place out. 

Contributed by Tabassum Nasrat



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