‘Lord of The Drinks – Barrel House’ is here!!

Behold, Gurgaon! Get ready to welcome ‘Lord of The Drinks – Barrel House’! Need we say more! Quintessentially and literally, the most ultimate and unsurpassed name on the partyscape!

Lord Of The Drinks, a resto bar born out of Delhi, is known for its great music, energetic vibe, delectable food and spectacular ambience. Their breezy structures with a mesmerizing view are a feast for the eyes, and needless to say, the food and drinks are a feast for the rest of us!
Having wooed Delhi with its various outlets all across (CP, Hauz Khas, Nehru Place), and turned Mumbai into a fan too, we Gurgaonites are affirmative that we will most definitely ‘sooner than soon’ fall in love with it. Given how Delhi’s doting on it, we are expecting a lot and we know they will exceed all our happy expectations.
Here’s what to expect, given what our counterpart Delhi has been raving about.

Mesmerizing Ambience:

lord of the drinks gurugram

Most of the Lord Of The Rings outlets have sprawling, breezy, airy structures as opposed to compact, dingy bars one gets to see mostly. A terrace or open air place, usually with a captivating view of the vicinity is something common to the three currently operational in Delhi. We can’t wait for them to draw curtains to one we can call our very own!

A Feast Awaits: 

lod gurugram

Once you are done with the visual feast, let us assure you that a Bigger feast awaits, what with the carefully curated, extensive menu of the most scrumptious grub and zesty cocktails. Perfect partners in crime!

Best Of Both Worlds:

lod gurgaon pictures

A relaxed yet pulsating vibe, this place fits the bill as the perfect venue for just about everyone; the enthusiastic, the indulgent, the party lovers, the music lovers, the food lovers, the lovers (love doves like romantic ambience, don’t they!)
We can’t wait for them to draw their curtains and unveil our future favorite haunt that lies behind. It’s foray into the Sector 29 party scene is going to be nothing less than ground breaking!

Location: Plot No. 1-2, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Contact: +919015083083


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