Lesser Known Attractions In Gurgaon That Deserve A Mention

The more you stay, the more you know and the more you love….. I am clearly writing about the city that we have all so grown to live in and love. But have we explored enough? The city, Gurgaon, has something to offer every single waking (and Not) moment. Some places that have been around as heritage sites, but never been hyped, some exuding every bit of the aura of a heritage site, but never been included. And that is why these places find place in my list of lesser known attractions in Gurgaon.

Farrukhnagar Fort

lesser known attractions in Gurgaon

Farukhnagar is a small town which is located in Gurgaon district. It was established by Faujdar khan in the year 1732. He was the first Mughal Emperor. The Farukhnagar Fort is in octagonal shape and it is the apt example of Mughal architecture. If you are an architect or have flair for buildings & designs, this fort is a must visit.

Built in the 18th Century, by Nawab Faujdar Khan in the year 1732. According to the history, Farrukh Nagar was ruled by Baloch rulers – Faujdar Khan and later by Dalel Khan. Later, it was conquered by the Mughal Emperor.  It was one of the entrance gates which led people to Farrukh Nagar. The Fort originally had five gateways which are now reduced to just three. Out of the remaining three, Dilli Darwaza is a big fascination for people till date. Dilli Darwaza was renovated in 2009 along two other gateways, including the Jhajjari Darwaza and Patli.

Visitors can see extensive elements of decoration. There are arches with decorative brackets, slender columns long with patterns florally, inlay of mirror in front hall, and intricate patterns of foliage.  On cue there is a lone ‘chattri’ which stands at entrance of town, beckoning weary traveller for resting cool and quiet chamber, built 165 years ago by an illustrious merchant , the 2 storeyed ‘chattri’ was once residence privately and had outside rooms.

While the Farukhnagar Fort in Gurgaon is reduced to ruins owing to a complete lack of maintenance, it still reflects the magnificence of the Mughal architecture. Though the area is replete with Food Stalls and Washrooms, it still craves respect as a heritage site.

How to get there: The town is located about 21 km from the district headquarters, to the north-west near the border of the Rohtak district.

Sheesh Mahal

lesser known attractions in Gurgaon

Sheesh Mahal, which was built in 1793 by Nawab Faujdar Khan, is one of the architectural marvels of the Mughal period. Located 21 km away Gurgaon in Farukh Nagar, this place, though popular, . This famous building is a rectangular double storeyed edifice made of stone, slate and lime and is decorated with beautiful mirror work. Sheesh Mahal is a rear glass palace to see in India. It has got an awesome glass designs on its interior.

Dark and dingy steps lead to the three floors of the fort including the basement which visitors often miss to locate. Strategically placed air ducts make us realize how technically sound the fort’s constructors were and that too at a time with less technological advancements and limited resources. One of the major attractions of this building is the jail, which was used as a torture chamber in ancient times. Located close to Sheesh Mahal, Ali Gosh Khan Baoli is another popular tourist attraction. The Baoli is connected to the Sheesh Mahal by a tunnel, which was blocked in the early 19th century.

The fort is now being restored in portions by the Archaeological Survey of India.

How to get there: Farrukh Nagar, District-Gurgaon, Situated in Purani Anaj Mandi at Farrukh Nagar

Ghaus Ali Shah Baoli

lesser known attractions in Gurgaon

An old baoli or step-well was built by Ghaus Ali Shah, a local chief during the reign of Mughal emperor Farrukh Siyar. Built out of stone, lime plaster and bricks, this baoli wears some resemblance with the Turkish hammam. The water tank in the centre is surrounded by a verandah with well-framed arches on all sides. There are also chambers for relaxation and recreation on the upper storeys. A large octagonal Baoli (step well), also known as Ali Gosh Khan Baoli, with stone staircases is considered a monument of importance and has been restored after it was taken over by ASI.

How to get there: Farrukhnagar, District- Gurgaon, Situated on Farrukhnagar-Jhajjar road, near old gate of Farrukhnagar town. The Baoli is located in Farrukhnagar, around 22 km away from Gurgaon and is easily accessible by the available means of transport.

Sita-Ram Mandir

lesser known attractions in Gurgaon

The temple is dedicated to Lord Ram and Sita, however, it is currently in a ruined state. Devotees in large numbers visit the temple to offer their prayers to the deities.  One of the most distinct aspects of the temple is its architectural style. The temple is a three-dome structure and resembles a mosque. Another unique fact is that though Sitaram Mandir is a temple that looks like a mosque, it also serves the function of a gurudwara.

Seeing the increasing popularity of the temple, the administration has begun its restoration.

How to get there: Farrukh Nagar, District-Gurgaon, Situated in Purani Anaj Mandi at Farrukh Nagar

Shrine of Budho Mata

lesser known attractions in Gurgaon

The Shrine of Budho Mata is a famous shrine located in Mubarakpur village which is about 5 kms from Farrukh Nagar. It is a popular religious spot and the temple of Budho Mata. Thousands of devotees visit the Shrine every year to offer prayers. Newly wedded couples come here to seek the blessings of the Goddess. Children are brought here to seek blessings and to get their first haircut.

Every Wednesday a fair is organized here which is visited by many local residents and tourists.

How to get there: Sector- 6, Sheetla Mata Road, Near Gurgaon Railway Station. The best option would be to take the metro till Guru Dronacharya Metro Station.

Amidst the populous city area, these forlorn and ignored sites of relevance implore the authorities to confer their importance and restore them as cultural properties.


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