When Indulgence Speaks Global, Latest Recipe At Le Meridien Gurgaon Is Your Calling!

Luxury must be comfortable. Otherwise it is not luxury.… wise words by Coco Chanel, echoed the essence, shadowing the business of luxury. Gurgaon, apart from being guilty for indulgence, has also been salient in bringing forth the concept of avant garde luxury!

The city’s contribution apart, when you’ve got a brand that celebrates cultures around the world through the distinctly European spirit of savouring the good life, whilst conserving complacency, in Gurgaon, it infuses the best of both worlds! Le Meridien provides an authentic experience in India’s thriving capital region. 

The Recipe For Desirous Gluttony

Latest Recipe is a Signature Cuisine Restaurant at Le Meridien Gurgaon, that celebrates global cuisine in it’s signature way. The restaurant exudes a warm contemporary feel and a visual delight for the eyes. While you savour every bite and feel the fine ingredients blend perfectly to create a delightful explosion of flavours, the pristine environment created by the spotless white shades and brown interiors is truly mesmerising, setting the tone for what the menu offers.

Authentic to the essence that Le Meridien brings, Latest Recipe features as the brand’s fine dining restaurant, carving a niche for itself by reinventing and innovating it’s preparations frequently! Here, at Le Meridien Gurgaon too, the restaurant operates as an all-day dining venue, offering meal time buffets and running seasonal promotions to give you the taste of the best of global cuisine preparations… all under one roof!

The World In Your Mouth

Located at the Lobby Level, the restaurant revolves around five interactive show kitchens displaying a sumptuous array of food- a dining concept that brings the excitement of live cooking to life. Catch the delectable Lunch at INR 1750 + taxes per person or Dinner at INR 2150 + taxes for Adults and INR 900 + taxes for children.

The Buffet includes a wide spread of innovative Asian, European and traditional Indian cuisines, that give the you the best of all worlds… literally… for only INR 1,150 + taxes per person.

Foodie Goals For The Weekend

Eat Street Saturday

But if you’re a foodie in the city and your weekend goals have capacity for a little fun and food adventure, their seasonal promotional concepts like Chill and Grill Friday evenings and Eat Street Saturdays set the restaurant tempo on high over the weekends.

‘Chill and Grill Friday’ evenings are tastier now, from 1 pm to 8 pm at INR 1,199 + taxes per person. with unlimited draught beer and tasty tandoori delicacies fresh off the grill, every Friday! While ‘Eat Street Saturdays’ are all about street food gluttony for traditional local food from around the world! All that you can gorge on from 1 pm to 8 pm, at INR 1950 plus taxes per person, every Saturday!

The Sunday Soiree…

Paw Friendly Sunday Brunch

A sunny (or not) Sunday calls for a lazy, warm and sumptuous start to the day…. and so, the Sunday brunch at the restaurant is made special by the introduction of the ‘Paw Friendly Sunday Brunch Series’ concept, to bring the entire family together. Rife with a lavish spread that celebrates the most laid back day of the week, and a play area for the kids to let their hair down, Latest Recipe is the recipe for…. well, just being yourself! Club that with the warmth of impeccable service, and you’ve got your bucks’ worth of an unforgettable experience!

Paw Friendly Sunday Brunch

The cherry on the cake comes for the four legged dollops of love…. your pets, of course! If your pooch loves to scamper around, special arrangements will have that wish granted! You can bask while watching your furry friends at play in the paw laxation area managed by Heads Up for Tails or even catch up on some pet accessory shopping at the pop-up store! Get paw friendly at INR 2450+ taxes from 12:30 pm to 4 pm, every Sunday!

The proof is in the pudding, and so it is in the experience too! With irresistible offers and a calendar full of promotions, Latest Recipe comes brimming with a little bit of everything…. for everyone!

Where: Le Meridien Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, M.G. Road, Sector 26, Delhi Gurgaon border, Gurgaon

Call: 01244992008, 9015854854

Operational hours: 4:30 pm to 12 am


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