Women’s Day Special: The achievers of Gurgaon

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This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the women who have questioned the status quo, who’ve inspired us to be passionate and hardworking, who’ve encouraged us to be fearless and yet have a heart for the needy. Lets’ give them a standing ovation as they bring us the hope that every woman has the potential to achieve whatever she wants to.

Here we present a scroll down on top women achievers who’re Gurgaonites and inspire others to be like them:

Be a Daredevil Like Dr. Neharika Yadav

women's day

Dr. Neharika Yadav, a practicising dentist in Gurgaon, has a wild spirited side that is just inspiring. She isn’t a world champ yet, but one on the way to becoming an international level athlete in a sport utterly dangerous and dominated by male-dom. Laurels like appearances on city radio stations and interviews in print media that are beginning to flood aren’t the wealth she aims at accumulating.

Ever a sincere pursuer of the difficult in life, Neharika’s dream is to see Motorsports, in particularly Superbiking enjoy a broader participation from women in India.

Today, after over 3 years of being in constant pursuit of her ambition, ever since having visited the race track as a spectator who instantly fell in love with the ‘melody of 1000+ cc bikes’, the Gurgaon-denizen flies in her lap times at India’s premier racing circuit.

While recognition often broadens the smile of the girl born to an Air Force Fighter Pilot, being the feisty ‘fireball’ who can handle herself in an international sport marked by men, and dominated by wry stares helps her tackle the rage from ‘loose wheel nuts’.

Be fearless like Veena Gupta

veena-wessSafety expert and founder of Seam Group, Veena Gupta is well known for her untiring zeal to excel in the field of women empowerment. Certified Krav Maga instructor, she is the torchbearer for the social empowering group WESS – Women Empowerment for Safety & Security, that exists to impart training through various programs and workshops at schools, colleges, shopping malls and corporate offices etc.

A believer of ‘My Security My Responsibility’, Veena intends to teach all women to be responsible for their own safety and not to depend on police and others to help first.She, consequently, founded ‘I dare to Fight Back’, an association which specializes in providing self-defense training to men, women, and children. With the help of these workshops, one can create a safe and secure environ for himself, as well as his fellow citizens.

She feels that by conducting self-defense trainings and camps at schools, colleges, communities, and public places, she aims to reach out to all men, women, and children, of our society, to prepare them physically & mentally to confront untoward incidents. According to her, parents should allow their girl child to master any form of martial art, which would enable her to protect herself from violence and harassment.

Be a lone traveller like Smriti Shankar

smriti shankarSmriti is a 35 year-old, married, solo traveller who has explored around 30 countries and has been penning down her experiences as Travelling Boots since July 2014. Having worked as a corporate trainer in the UK, UAE and Australia, Smriti decided to quit everything and focus on writing her personal travel experiences to empower women to do solo travelling.

According to her, it’s the women who change societies. It is the threshold of what we can put up with that becomes our society’s acceptances.

She feels that it was in the simple joy of being able to do little things alone without the fear of being harassed that she found her freedom!

Watching a movie alone, travel anywhere using any mode of transport, visiting a bar or pub, wearing what she felt like every day; all without the fear of being groped or assaulted.

Be a social contributor like Aparnaa Lakshmi

aparnaaThe La Martiniere alumnus and the founder of Eco Lib Foundation took the plunge of catering to the specific education needs of economically weaker children by starting a school in Gurgaon.

What prompted Aparnaa to set up this initiative was a single visit to Jharsa village when she saw young kids from economically weaker sections of the society working as rag pickers and were without proper food, clothing, and education.

In operation for almost five years in Jharsa Village in Sector 29, Radiant Kids” School is a non-formal education and awareness centre for children of rag-pickers, construction workers, maids and vegetable vendors of the area.

Besides this, she also conducts camps regarding health and hygiene, gender sensitization, awareness regarding equality for and prevention of violence against women and girls, self- defence techniques, linking young adults and women to vocational opportunities, and on environmental issues for these children.

Be a social entrepreneur mom like Neela Kaushik

neela kaushik

Neela is a household name in Gurgaon where every mother feels connected & inspired to stand out of the crowd. She has provided them a network to spreadwings of their business through Gurgaon Moms, the Facebook community of more than 8,500 mothers where they can make friends, network and also garner information about the city.

Apart from the Facebook group, Gurgaon Moms is also about offline events that allow members to connect.

The recently concluded Moms Achievers Summit organized by Gurgaon Moms and felicitated by Kaushik along with her team witnessed participation from around 200 women that mark its success in the city.

Apart from this voluntary work, Neela, being an MBA, is an entrepreneur designing websites & social media campaigns for small & medium sized businesses.

Be & bring the change like Latika Thukral

latika thukralLatika, a Gurgaon resident for 19 years, took up the responsibility of making Gurgaon a better place to live in and resultantly co-founded ‘iamgurgaon’.

After working with Citibank in the past, she founded this in 2008 to create a platform that enables every citizen of Gurgaon to work towards improving every aspect of life in the millennium city.

‘Iamgurgaon’ aims to identify projects and proactively work with the local administration as well as corporates based in Gurgaon. For her services, Latika received an appreciation award from the Haryana Government, on Republic Day in 2010.

‘Iamgurgaon’ has been working with the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon in creating the Aravalli Biodiversity Park, a revival of a forest on 550 acres of MCG land. Another initiative of the NGO is the planting of a million trees in Gurgaon – 40,000 have already been planted, in a campaign that has seen huge participation from Gurgaon-based corporates .

Be an inspiration & hope like Shalini Vig Wadhwa

shalini vig wadhwa

Felicitated with the prestigious ‘Priyadarshini Award for Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur’ and the ‘Bharat Nirman Award’, Shalini Vig Wadhwa is the woman behind the Festival of Hope Foundation. It’s an organization that celebrates the spirit & courage of cancer survivors.

Shalini has a multi industry experience which includes Real Estate, Telecom, Hospitality, Sales & Marketing, Brand Communication, Public Relations and Media Relations.

Despite her years of successful experience in the corporate world, Shalini’s true passion lies in the domain of social service.

With Festival of Hope and various other ventures, she has taken the concept of social work to a whole new level, incorporating it within the luxury domain – the domain which is perhaps most capable of actually raising funds and making a difference. Besides Festival of Hope, Shalini is the head and hands behind 100, an organisation working for Autism, Cancer Awareness & the Promotion of Emerging Artists.

Be strong like Yashmeen Manak

yashmeen manak women

Yashmeen is an ACSM Certified Fitness Expert, Aerobics Instructor and winner of Gladrags Mrs. India 2005 for Best Body Award and the owner of Sculpt Gym in Gurgaon. With a total of 16 years of experience in fitness and sports nutrition field, Yashmeen continues to be an inspiration for everybody looking to be fit. Inspired by female fitness icons like Bipasha Basu and Dana Linn Bailey, Yashmeen lifted a raw 150 kgs in a powerlifting competition at a fitness expo in Noida in 2014.

Adding to this, she was awarded runner up position for first ever fitness model competition at The Body Power India Expo held in Mumbai in 2015. According to her, sculpting a great body requires a lot of hard work and discipline but you get as a reward is more than worth all the pains!

More power and strength to these awesome women….and every other woman who aspires , fights and has the courage to be what she desires to be!

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