La La Land Is The New Fantasy Place In Town That Is Creating Buzz

There is something about fantasies that is mysterious, yet enlightening… and that is where lies La La Land! Carousal isn’t new to Gurgaon, but what if you had one spot to harbour all the enchantment in? La La Land is the new sanctum, opened at Global Foyer mall, Gurgaon, to provide you with exactly that. A microbrewery, lounge, bar, pub and restaurant, are all here… under one roof.

Never Stop Fantasising…. Begin Here!

The brainchild of four school friends – Harish Yadav, Navin Sejwal, Shine Ramakrishnan, and Saurav Sachdev, La La Land mesmerises from the moment you let yourself through it’s doors. As you walk through the 10000 square feet area, the opulent bar that runs through it’s length, is unmissable. The interiors are mindfully in place with separate sections for seating… Pick from the casual high seating or a more intimate couch…. or let the vibes soak in at the bar.

European Casino themed, the interiors stand cent percent supporting the name. The ceiling is quirkily set as playing cards, while the tables are designed as Roulette! But the fantasy doesn’t stop here. The menu is as reverie invoking. Let’s embark on a journey of unusual spirits, authentic flavours and as the mystery of the lands unfold…

Enter The ‘LIT’ Land….

The bar menu speaks of innovation concocted in a glass! The cocktails worth a mention are the Signature summer concoctions- La La Land Sour, an interesting take on the classic Whisky sour with an addition of Star Anise and Orange Liqueur.

Whisky Sour

La La Land Blossom must be included in the must try list- a sharp blend of Cardamom infused Gin, Elderflower syrup and Grapefruit juice.

La La Land Blossom

For all the wine connoisseurs like me, the Berrygrass Bellini is your poison- House Sparkling Wine infused with a hint of Lemongrass and fresh Berry puree, this one is slated to be popular!

Berrygrass Bellini

The surprise in the Pandora’s Box is their variety of fresh brews. Blended with the best is the German Wheat, Vienna Lager, Irish Stout and Alphonso Mango….. needless to say, you get the best of all world’s!

Just Drinks Aren’t Enough!

If there’s anything as cutting edge food, it is here! A scour through the menu is enough to get your taste buds rolling! Entree…. the Yam Galouti Kabab- the yam and Zucchini blended Galouti, is light yet fulfilling!

Yam Galouti Kabab

The Double Decker Paneer Tikka is Layers of Paneer cubes alternated with nuts and khoya stuffing… the richness is inevitable.

Double Decker Paneer Tikka

But one dish that stood out with simple modernity is Five Hummus Pita that serves five varieties of Hummus- Chickpea, Beetroot, Sun Dried Tomato, Parsley and Pea Hummus.

Five Hummus Pita

Enter the periphery of the meat lovers. Begin with the traditional Dum Galouti Kabab that is cooked twice over to extend an ultimate mouth melting experience. The proof lies in the pudding!

Dum Galouti Kabab

If your adventurousness transcends to gastronomy, a creation that urges curiosity is the Bacon wrapped Baked Chicken- Chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and served with Tomato rice on the side and Mushroom sauce. This full meal is ‘fantasy’ on a plate!

Bacon wrapped Baked Chicken

For the Mutton aficionados, the Railway Mutton Curry must blur the rest of the menu. A delicacy since the British Raj, this is cubes of mutton cooked in Tomato and Coconut gravy, served with a bed of saffron rice.

Every good book comes with an epilogue…. and so must a good meal! La La Land Dessert platter is that perfect terminus. A sip of Espresso Coffee, a bite of Creme Brulee, a bit of Tiramisu and a taste of Cheese Cake….. Repeat! Did you just play it in your imagination too?

The spate, comes fully packed with weekly live performances and re inventing menu…. one for every season!

There are places…. and then there are places with a soul, soul of an authentic fire brand! Welcome to this world…. Take me to La La Land!

Where: First Floor, Global Foyer Mall, Sector 43, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Call: 9015839839


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