Gurgaon ‘Culture’, A Mystery!

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When I think about culture, or for that matter “Indian” culture, there are exactly no extreme opinions about the culture of the very country I live in. Same goes for this very fabulous city, Gurgaon.

Often termed as ‘Corporate Culture’, this city does have a history going back to the time of ‘Dwaparyug’.
This land where ‘Pandavas’ were trained under the guidance of ‘Guru Dronacharya’, has presently the third highest per capita income in India.

gurgaon culture lifestyleBut again, what culture is Gurgaon culture?

Well, we all have heard stories with the title “From rags to riches”. Let me introduce you to a story of “From a village to the Modern day face of India”.
When in 1970’s Maruti Suzuki Pvt. Ltd., opened up a small manufacturing plant here, who would have thought that this city would be filled with sky scrapers all over?
Yes I agree that it’s just 19 miles away from New Delhi, and it did benefit in almost every way, this city has evolved so much that it is the job capital of North India.

Every morning you can see myriads of cars moving like ants to reach their working place, every new weekend a food chain or a fashion label popping up, and every minute population increasing in Gurgaon.

This small village of Haryana(well ancient history for me now) had just localities residing here, but today, every street has a paying guest accommodation, flats for rent and of course the marvelous residency societies with prizes exceeding their building’s length. This only means one thing, mixed variety of people.

On a single traffic light let’s say at Iffco chowk, right behind the Westin Gurgaon, you can see the variation of people from enjoying their luxurious rides in Merc, to the people who are travelling in the shared auto.

gurgaon unseenAnd what about kinds of people you find in Gurgaon? Now that’s a very interesting thing to know! Now in a city where you find rags to riches at every nook and corner, you will find class and desperation complimenting every place all together and of course money doesn’t bring class. In different pubs/clubs you might see bouncers showing the way out to many self-proclaimed “classy” people, but that’s not it. You will also find a lot of helpful, decent and down to earth people who will make your visit/stay in Gurgaon better than the best.

Gurgaon does have a bunch of colleges/universities as well. Now the ratio of students to working people/industrialists is very less but it does give some mixture to the age group and is never bad for a city and its people.

But is Gurgaon better than other NCR cities? Now let me come up with that in my other article but for now, I certainly have a soft corner for this city. (wink)

Yes I agree it has a bad and costly public transportation, dust on old Delhi Gurgaon that just kills you, traffic that makes you feel that you are stuck forever, crime like nowhere else but it is one city that has one of the most prosperous present and future.

This city has many phases, but nothing can define the culture that this city has, and that is the best part about Gurgaon.

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Manind Arora

Nothing defines me better than the fact that I am a person & a writer. As a Human Rights activist I look at the world with an eye that is beyond any boundaries. A Computer Science engineer is making makes me perfect to settle in the cosmopolitanism of the present day fabrics. I love Gurgaon, so why not write about everything in Gurgaon?


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