Karaoke & Open Mic Nights in Gurgaon!!

Tired of being told what to do time and again in office and at home? It’s just about time to grab the keys and hit the next available Karaoke bar in your town and sing your heart out. Who knows you might just have another job in offing !!


iSKATE is a one stop entertainment destination as along with ice skating activity, it can facilitate all kinds of events and parties. The key entertainment elements are in house DJ, state of the art sound and light audio systems, karaoke room, a bar, specialty food and beverage counters and gourmet ice cream parlour. So really, you could book the karaoke room and sing away to your heart’s content.



Feel Alive

ESCAPE Terrace Bar & Kitchen 

The Best & now the Longest running Karaoke Nights in Gurgaon. Where else but ESCAPE in Galleria Market Rooftop

Amazing start to the week with English-Hindi & PUNJABI (yo yo…) Karaoke Session with Sikander Kamal & Marshall Mathias.

The nights are Rocking & so is the crowd…. This is the best destination party for all Karaoke Lovers in Gurgaon.


Put your horns on and get ready to drain away the Thursday Blues at Raasta as they start once again the ever surreal and magical Karaoke Nights. Raasta offers an elegant and an enchanting terrace which overlooks state of the art Cyber City.

Croon, swoon, yodel, Sing to your hearts content every THURSDAY at Raasta Cyberhub.

Hope the list helps at least one of you become a singer. If not, then let’s continue our morning practice nonetheless.


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