This Will Change The Way You Look At Bags! JCraft Is The Handbag Trend You Must Follow!

A dress, a pair of earrings, a stylish pair of shoes….. done for the evening! Not quite! Did you pick a bag? Ah, yes….. never underestimate this underrated, yet the most important accessory, that can make or break the entire look! If you have, then it’s time to amp up your bag collection for the summer! Thrown in with a mix of affordability and chic, I share with you, JCraft, a brand that depicts this essence of this most important accessory in the wardrobe. Think party, casual, jazzy or classy, JCraft, situated at MGF Metropolis, Gurgaon, it is.

The international luxury brands may rule… but affordable? Not to everyone! JCraft has entered the market to fulfil the gap between high end luxury products and low priced inferior quality handbags. The brand’s USP is authentic designs and optimum quality. The products are also priced competitively since JCraft itself manufactures a major chunk of their collection and thus can easily keep the cost low… starting at INR 699!

Bags are the fashion statement that can either break or make your outfit, your look. Need a little guidance? Check out the round up of the best designer handbag styles by JCraft that every fashionista should know about, without a pinch to the pocket!

Let’s Tote ’em!

The Tote ranks the highest in terms of utility. This isone is a trend that ain’t going off the rack any time soon, with size and space on it’s side, you can carry your world in it. This multi purpose style comes in classy shapes and colours at JCraft. Use them for a coffee meet with your girl gang, carry it with elan to work or extend it to your evening out…. JCraft has got it all wrapped up in this one style!

Hob’o’nob With It!

Let it slump or slouch … The Hobo will make you hobnob with it, anyway! Primarily, carried by hobos (hence, the name), the style is flexible… in shape and variety. Go blingy for the weekend evenings or a sober tan to keep it casual, yet eye catching, the collection at JCraft leaves you spoilt for choice.

Sling It!

Easy breezy, the sling takes the cake for it’s convenient slinging…. I call it, ‘Slaying casually’! Grab the chic tassle sling at JCraft and up the amp of even a jeans and T shirt look! Smooth! 

Clutch The Clutch!

The arrival of the Clutch, has made attending weddings so much more stylish, isn’t it? Embroidered, printed, plains or pastels, pick a couple because with the variants at JCraft, you wouldn’t stop at …. just one! They are affordable as hell, so nothing should keep you off!

The Hand(y)bag

Hang one on your wrist… and you’re ready to walk anywhere like a diva. That is what the wrist hung handbag does! They look chic, smart and formal, so take your outfit quotient a few notches higher with the bottomless range of Handbags at JCraft…. where colour is no bar; Just go all out with their colour blocks, pastels, sequins and funky prints!

Why Shouldn’t Your Food Have Fun?

Who says carrying lunch should be a boring affair? The lunch bag collection at JCraft sets out on a mission to make you look stylish with anything you carry, anywhere you carry and however you carry! 

Lap It Up!

This one has been a hit among the stylish brigade in recent years due to its functional construction. With the new age, independent woman, comes a laptop… and with that, steps in JCraft. Work may be serious…. but your laptop bag doesn’t need to. Classic browns and blacks to designed ones, they have the fun bit at work… sorted.

But the array doesn’t end here… JCraft has a range for every style, a style for every occasion and an occasion to make stylish entry at! And when it adds to carrying something new, fresh, and a little but more under the radar, it makes it that much more exciting to shop!

Where am I heading? Your guess is as good as mine….!

Where: Upper Ground floor, MGF Metropolis Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon



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