Interesting Facts About Gurgaon

Been living in Gurgaon since over 15 years, yet, the time frame seems less as far discovering the city is concerned. During my research, I was flabbergasted by how much of the city I know…or rather the lack of it! Rechristened as Gurugram, it is a melting pot of cultures and Dreams! From its historical connections to its work culture, Gurgaon has much to offer. Here are some lesser known, interesting facts about Gurgaon that would make your day.

It’s All In The Name

Interesting Facts About Gurgaon

Gurgaon has a continuing history since the times of Mahabharata. It was the village of Guru Dronacharya. Hence called Guru-gramam ( guru’s village) which later in Prakrit called Gurugaon and hence Gurgaon. Guru Dronacharya is believed to have imparted spiritual guidance to the Pandavas and the Kauravas here.


The Fortune Hub

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The city is home to 252 fortune companies out of their 500….making it one of the fastest developing and the highest income generating source.


Revenue Capital of Haryana

Interesting Facts About Gurgaon

Gurugram contributes 40% of the revenue of the entire state of Haryana. Per Capital Income of Gurugram is the third highest in India. Number of professionals working per square kilometres is highest in india.

The truth about MG Road

Interesting Facts About Gurgaon

MG Road is not Mahatma Gandhi Road here in Gurugram. Every Indian Metro city has an MG road which is named after Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi but in Gurugram it’s actually the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road.

So, a little bit more friendlier with my city…..Do keep your inputs pouring!


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