Hidden Gem at Golf Course Road- Sanavi The Cafe

SANAVI (pronounced as Sun-aavi) stands for good fortune and is also another name for Goddess Laxmi, as I was told. The other evening while driving by the Golf Course Road I walked into this tiny little cafe for a casual coffee in Vatika Atrium, Sector 53, right opposite HDFC Bank. It is a small little cafe on the ground floor that instantly draws your attention by its fuller lighting and non-frills facia. As you enter you notice that it is incredibly small with seating of not more that 8-10 guests but one instantly falls in love with the simplicity and the warmth that the place emanates.

You know all those times when you are out of home but you keep wondering if there is a place that would offer you food that comes with the same comforting feeling that ghar ka khaana brings? Well, Sanavi is just like that. Not only does this place rake up some warm, cosy feelings but they offer some very affordable comfort food that is made with quality ingredients and served with great love and care. No elaborate meals but just simple snacks that are healthy and filling like pizza, jaffles, rolls, smoothies, coolers, hot drinks and oh, they are about to start the maggi variations as well! The portions are just appropriate for one person and the quantity of ingredients in a particular dish is well proportioned.

sanavi cafe

When you are out with your little one, one of the most favourite things that one can order is a Pizza so that is what we ordered along with a chicken roll, hot chocolate and watermelon cooler to go by. As and what we got served, we were pleasantly surprised that the food was served on disposable eco-friendly plates. I am always very happy when anyone makes even a small initiative towards the environment. Also because the food served was pleasing to the eyes and very comforting. The vegetarian pizza had dollops of cottage cheese pieces (that I am so fond of) and the base was perfect to handle all the cheese weight that was generously poured over it.

The wrap was as generous with a whole lot of chicken than the veggies that kept oozing out as one dug into it. It is disheartening when one orders for a wrap elsewhere and you are handed with filling that has veggies and a few chunks of chicken to go by. Not this, I say. I was surprised how fresh the ingredients were. One could hear the crunchiness of lettuce and the juiciness of the chicken as one bit into it. Kudos to the chef who also managed to keep the flavours balanced to ensure nothing tasted out of place and the familiarity is intact.

sanavi cafeThe drinks were as great! The watermelon cooler was refreshing and with the weather getting warmer each day, it was a welcome change from the regular coffee. My daughter loved her hot chocolate too that was sprinkled with chocolate powder that seemed to have no end. No wonder, the little one was all smiles. To round off the treat we also ordered for a sinful chocolate chips muffin that was oh-so soft , one could melt. And as soon as it was served we both completely dug into it that we forgot to get a click of the same. And by the way, we also managed to get one as a takeaway!

We got to chat with the owner of this small little cafe , the young entrepreneur, Pranav Trikha as well who walked us through the concept and the basic aim of opening a small coffee shop at the most unlikely of places. Vatika Atrium has a whole lot of office but there was no place close by where people could come for a humble coffee or sit for a casual tete-e-tete. So having a snacks and coffee place here was ideal. The cafe’s tag line EAT | DRINK | CONNECT rounds off the purpose of having this cafe open for the employees in the neighbouring office. The place is poised to grow into a likeable coffee place, where customers can explore some familiar tastes in a comfortable setting. So, if there’s any hunting of a coffee place to have a small meeting, an uninterrupted chat, or just chill around and watch the hustle of the Golf Course Road and the upcoming Rapid Metro Rail, then SANAVI is absolutely ideal.


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