Dipti Datta

Gurgaon Parents, You’ll Be Booked If Your Underaged Kid Is Caught Driving!

August 7, 2019

Rules are meant to be broken! But would you seriously consider that when a life is in question? The traffic wing of Gurgaon police has found a way to counter underage driving. Gurgaon parents, are in the spotlight!

Gurgaon traffic police

Any minor caught driving a vehicle in Gurgaon, will be charged on the spot to pay a fine and will be booked under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. But extending the punishment, Gurgaon traffic police will charge the parents of the minor driving under section 180 (allowing unauthorised persons to drive vehicles) and section 181 ( driving without licence). A compulsory counselling session will be undertaken with the minor along with the parents.

Gurgaon traffic police

But what if your kid finds an easier way and borrows a neighbour's car? Gurgaon police has got that covered too... In that scenario, the minor's fine and charges stand the same, but the owner of the car will be booked! The fine can go up from INR 500 to INR 5000...... or BOTH!

Parents, scores in exams, a high paying job maybe your ultimate dream for your kid.... but its also true that learning begins at home.... learning to be responsible! Teach your kids that..... driving a car is insignificant!