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I am Gurgaon. Gurgaon is me. It runs in my blood, my veins, and in everything I do. I have embarked on my first foray to success here, and it has always accompanied me. I may have been born here and have made it my home since the beginning or I may have moved here upon setting the first foot on the ladder of success it promised me. It has given me more than I could have imagined, and am ready to tell my Gurgaon story, that my fond readers desire of me.

gurgaon residentsWhat’s Up Gurgaon decides to celebrate the chemistry between Gurgaon and that of its citizens. Pupils, shining stars and individuals who have set a great mandate for success whilst preparing to unleash their potential in the ever so competitive world of Gurgaon. This is a place that throws as many challenges as opportunities. We may be as ordinary as anyone around us, but it is the power of our dreams and the selfless pursuit of which that truly defines us.

Gurgaon is home to many an individual who have grown, accomplished and have risen in their respective fields, with the mega metropolis being at the forefront of their success. Corporate moguls, leading visionaries, successful entrepreneurs and budding stars of the future, they all have a story to tell and with a rise in their legend, there is a great surge toward the rise of Gurgaon and its stature.

Gurgaon is a spirit that is collectively represented by the vast gamut of residents that have contributed to its personality. A working from home mother, a busy Corporate professional, an event planner on the go, a popular local Chaiwalla who set his first foot never thinking that his entity would become a household name in the city, all find their place under the sun.

gurgaon thought leadersWhether you are an outstanding student making a name for yourself and your school in Gurgaon or the owner of a wonderful patisserie that keeps the hunger pallet of our friends in Gurgaon in good stead, this section will bring your story to the forefront connecting you and your experiences with those of our reader-folk. We seek to share the imprints of your life at Gurgaon with a view to  exchange as many hands as possible. Rich learnings, high achievements and memorable traces of life at Gurgaon that contributed something to your being, will forever contribute to the growing appetite of our readers and friends of Gurgaon.

You shine with the success of your team and vice- versa. We thought it is time we finally threw light on common people like you and me who have treaded on an uncommon, challenging path to walk toward their ultimate success, making them as uncommon as any. We peak into their lives, challenges, achievements and moments ‘extraordinaire’ that have made them what they are today and motivates them to pursue a path of relentless effort.


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