This Place In Gurgaon Serves Soul Satisfying Rajma Chawal For Just “Rs 5”

Ever craved for a meal which could feed not only your stomach but also your soul for a very, very meager amount? If you fall under this category, then this news is surely going to lift up your mood. In Sadar Bazaar, you can get a plate of dal-chawal or rajma chawal  cooked in desi ghee for just Rs 5/-. All thanks to the generosity of Pankaj Gupta wherein you are served food at a lesser price than the subsidized government canteens.

This real life hero hires caterers on a daily basis who prepare food for approximately 1500 people and while the preparation starts from right in the morning, the menu keeps on changing everyday- from dal chawal, to rajma chawal , kadi chawal, chole chawal etc. The best part being that people from all walks of life gather near Pankaj’s canteen to have lunch. The open canteen begins serving food from 12pm to 2pm on all seven days of the week.

This humble human being also has a cosmetics shop in Sadar Bazar but has made a pledge to himself that he will keep on with his generous act of service for a long long time and  encourages others to take part in such initiatives for the betterment of society.

When are you visiting Pankaj Gupta’s stall for a soul filling plate of dal chawal or a rajma chawal? Hurry Hurry!


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