Pick Your Wrapper! Gurgaonwallas Show Their Responsible Side!

Amidst pollution, rain and water logging and electricity issues, Gurgaon residents’ woes do not seem to have subsided. I have not stood back at lambasting the city’s lack of infrastructure…. yet, Gurgaon has risen like a Titan when it came to issues of social concerns. Boring much? If you realised the causes of all the banes I mentioned above, you’d realise the importance of this piece.

Gurgaon plastic ban

This Independence Day saw a new enthusiasm among the residents. From hoisting the tallest Indian tricolour to awareness program about plastic use and water conservation for 4000 domestic staffers and distributing eco friendly bags, to saying no to plastic flags, this is the Gurgaon we love to live in. PM Modi’s urge for a plastic free existence rubbed off on Gurugrammers!

Gurgaon Plastic Ban

RWAs launched a waste collection drive to pick multi layered plastic (MLP), including Aluminium Foil, chocolate, chips and candy wrappers. the Gurugrammers even refused plastic flags being sold. The RWAs running the drive are Vatika Seven sector 82, Vipul Belmonte sector 53 and Heritage Experiential Learning School sector 62. They planted bins in their respective areas and urged the residents and domestic helps to spread the word…. that is called nipping it in the bud!

Gurgaon plastic ban

Considering Haryana was one of the first states to ban sale and use of plastic bags in 2011, and a fine of INR 5000 was announced in August 2017, on anyone carrying single use plastic bags…. the state must have reduced plastic… but the reality is different. 100 tonnes of plastic is stamped in Gurgaon’s name! Shocking, isn’t it? Yet, I see cart vendors stocked with plastic bags. Why does every house have water stored in plastic bottles?

But is it the responsibility only of a handful few to save the rest of you? If you preach welfare for the city…. If you call yourselves true Gurgaonwallas, this is where you prove it!


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