My City Needs More!

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How many times have  we, by our parents been subjected to never ending monologues about kindness, community service and doing good?  How many of us have lectured our kids repeatedly about showing benevolence towards the destitute and animals etc etc? Well,no points for guessing, we all have at some age!

Having said that How many of us have come forward to actually put all the bookish rantings about kindness to action?  No, this isn’t another sermon  attempting to make the inability to act, sound felonious, but rather celebrating those who did venture beyond their comfort zones to take initiatives worth applauding and reforming the city we so fondly call ”The Millenium City”

community service

It gives me immense pride and satisfaction, being a Gurgaon’ite’ myself, in the growing sensitivity amongst us towards others. In the midst of being termed as a ‘crime city’, with brawls, road rage,car thefts in its kitty, The ‘Millenium City’ in all its hyper sonic glory, does show its sentient colours in more ways than one.

A few that have gone a step forward in paving the way for more such initiatives, The likes of Neki Ki Wall and Community Fridge are slowly but surely taking the onus of paving way for more such efforts and deserve a special mention.

Commendable, to say the least, in this day and age!


Neki Ki Deewar- The Wall of Kindness

wall of kindnessThis concept has recently come to the suburb via an anonymous group of people in Gurugram. The idea originally erupted from the north eastern Iranian city of Mashhad, where someone installed a few hooks and hanger on a wall next to the words: “If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it take it.” Since then cities like Bhopal, Bhilwara in Rajasthan adopted this idea.
The wall in Dayanand colony of Gurgaon reads, “Jo aapke pass adhik hai yahan chod jayein, jo aapki zarurat ka hai yahan se le jayein.

In dismal times, the wall is a solid reminder of how little it takes to make someone happy.


The Community Fridge

community fridge

The residents of Gurgaon have installed a 24*7 community fridge that’s for all and by all. Stationed at the exit gate of Suncity flats in Sector-54, the fridge is stocked with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items, available free of cost for the needy. Anyone can donate food for it.

Kudos to the initiative!


My City Needs More

old age home

Just when i thought that the concept of philanthropy was extinct ,the Samaritans of my city proved me wrong. And I’m not complaining. Where we read about numerous NGOs around the city working for women empowerment, orphans, the aged, animal welfare, community services encouraged at schools and the list goes on, but are these enough to create a sense of effortless awareness towards Sensitivity?  Yes, that’s the word that is slowly crawling out of our conscience and the one word that needs to be preserved.

So, I ask, what more does the city need?


Reformation Over Conviction

community service

Recently, i read about Community services as punishment for offenders in the Western countries, and i must say ,was very impressed by the effectiveness of the idea and thought WHY NOT IN INDIA?

Taking a cue from the Western countries,Why not make Community Services as punishment mandatory for offenses such as drinking and driving, flouting traffic rules and violence? The idea gets a definitive yay from me! Reformation over Conviction!  Maybe thats the light at the of the tunnel that we are grappling to reach out to. An idea that can turn things around, for the good.


Community Service Day

With an innumerable spate of days dedicated to everything under the sun, why not a day dedicated to doing a good deed? Imagine a day where  we do one act of kindness. At the risk of sounding sermonious, i say, it may invoke the sensitivity, the humanity that Gurgaon needs, to bring down the level of intolerance that is projected. An idea that’s worth a try.

Oscillating between thoughts of whether my expectations from My city are just wishful thinking or will it be a reality some day! With the kind of enterprising enthusiasm that samaritans of Gurgaon have shown, its not a far cry! Here’s hoping!

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