Gurgaon goes Eco-Friendly this Rakhi

Trust us G-towners when it comes to making our festivals Eco-Friendly. This year we are celebrating Green-Rakshabandhan. Usually, the Rakhis that are used in the celebrations are discarded after Rakhi and since most of them are made with plastic it ends up polluting our Environment. Our Informed & Aware G-towners took it upon themselves to make Eco-Friendly rakhi.

Eco Friendly rakhi

How may you ask? Well, by making Plantable Rakhis, Kuldeep Singh & Saurabh Mehta came up with the ‘Plantable Rakhi Kits’. These are paper mache Rakhis containing Seeds of marigold, spinach & coriander.
Rakhis are made in a way that they can be used as accessories like Fridge magnets, key rings, rubber bands etc.

Bhavisha Buddhadeo has been organising workshops in Govt. Schools, Dronacharya Government college and various NGOs. She taught how to make rachis with peacock feathers, mauli & seeds. Rohit Gupta & Sameera Satija have also been teaching on how to make rachis with seed paper.

Eco Friendly rakhi
It just does not end at Rakhis, Shraddhaa Sandeep Saraf, a home-based chef has replaced the conventional disposable food packaging with paper boxes and steel containers. In fact, few of her clients have started sending her their own containers.




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