Gurgaon: The City With a Problem of ‘Plenty’!!

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Gurgaon and the choices it offers! It wouldn’t be incorrect to note that in today’s complex and ever changing world- one constantly has to tread for choices. Be at your workplace, or at home, at a party with closest friends or at a ceremony with souls unknown, it is the constant grappling with choices that highlights the way we live and lead our lives. And, as humans ever so conscious of the utility that the concept of ‘deriving maximum’ holds, our aim is to derive the best we can from a sub set of choices  that confront us. A car that is affordable and yet gives great mileage defines our automobile choice. A bike that is not too heavy to control, but with great torque and yet appealing to the ‘dude in us’ fancies our uber cool choice. The same can be said for a luxury apartment that successfully caters to our want for comfortable living as long as it doesn’t overlap our spending power.

Too Many Options all around

Too Much Social Media Buzz: Gurgaon is abuzz with social Media activity, a tad too abuzz actually. From so many Social Media Groups to Business / Professional / Family & all kind of Whatsapp Groups & more. There’s too much to catch up on. And after chasing so much, we complain of a fast paced life! Ah!

Too Many Egos To Satisfy: No one does it better than us. This narcissistic attitude is ever prevalent among our culture. I, Me, Myself spending on that trio and outdoing the other. In the process, too much to acquire for the sake of that ego! Villas bought, club memberships taken, luxury cars flaunted, Harley Davidsons zip-zp-zoomed, gold class movie tickets bought, our list is as large as the egos we are trying to satiate. And we thrive off the constant attention that further inflates our self-worth.

Too Many Spas: There’s got to be something ‘spa’cial about Gurgaon for it to have so many spas. Infact, spas in Gurgaon are not just a luxury but a necessity, from what it seems. What was earlier considered to be a rich brat’s parlour, frequented by the trophy wives is now being explored for the many wellness treatments available.

Too Many Real Estate Projects: Is there any builder in the world who hasn’t made a foray into Gurgaon?? The answer is probably “No”. Wonder if we are spoilt for choice or the supply is greater than demand, the fact of the matter is there are too many builders out there bringing projects in Gurgaon. While certain pockets are dominated by DLF, and some by Unitech, Vipul, Parsvnath, Ireo, Emaar are other big names.

Too Many Malls – Like they say, if you throw a stone in Gurgaon, it will either hit a ‘daru ka theka’ or a mall. Last few years have seen a Mall boom. The MG Road is the hyped “Mall-Mile” – a vast stretch of nearly a dozen shopping malls, built almost one after another. Sohna Road is another “Mall- Headquarters’ of sorts! And then the Grand da of them all – The Ambience Mall. The Golf Course road has its very own South Point Mall. And one thing that they share in common is; Deluge of footfalls, but no serious buyers. Over the past decade, builders and developers have rushed to build without paying sufficient attention to what a mall requires to survive.

Gurgaon issues

Too many Restaurants – Good for us consumers from the perspective of competition because we get better pricing along with innovation on the table. But where is the Loyalty Factor??? And with so much on offer, the  urge to try something new every time. Tough times for the Restaurant owners actually. No cuisine, no concept is really novel. Talk about biryani, there’s something for every pocket. You get it for as reasonable as Rs. 40 a plate to Rs. 400 a plate. Italian, done to death! Theme based restaurants, a one too many! Bakeries, patisseries, lounges, bars, home chefs, celebrity chef owned restaurants, is there anything at all that we don’t have??!!!

When in the Restaurant, Too Much Choice – It is a common well-rehearsed Millennium City scenario. At a coffee shop where a group of people are ordering a meal. There is a lot of discussion – brown bread vs multigrain; cappuccino vs latte; penne vs fussilini. The deliberations are endless and an entire time span has been spent on befuddling the waiter further, with various permutations and combinations.When the meal arrives, the group is too preoccupied with their ‘many’ gadgets and phones to even enjoy the meal. Much time is spent in photographing their choices and uploading it onto the web. The actual time spent on the meal is a harried one. And when they leave; they are already talking about their next universe of multiple choices!

And while we’re at it, Too Many Watering Holes! Beer-hold oops we mean Behold! Gurgaon has 30 microbreweries and can well be christened the Beer Capital of India. Add to that many pubs, lounges, bars and we’re pretty prominent on the party map of India. Even if one were to go to a different brewery/pub each day, one wouldn’t be able to cover all in just one month.

Too many Cars / Traffic Jams: Gurgaonites are always striving to uplift their social status. Along with branded clothes, eye-blinding bling, big courtyards and lush houses, cars play a significant role in this race of superiority. I remember a time when each family had one car. They had their own garage, and nobody had to encroach on their neighbor’s territory for additional parking space. In today’s time, each member of the family, however young, has a vehicle of their own. In fact, while buying a house/apartment these days, one of the main prerogatives is the provision of parking area that comes along with it. One way of looking at the growing number of automobiles could be the increasing degree of development and visible richness in the capital. However, perennial space crunch and everyday stress, so not worth it, we tell you!

Gurgaon issues

Too Many Events /Social Commitments to attend: Just like everything else, events galore too! Earlier the Diwali Mela was the supreme annual event/fair one would look forward to attending. Now, each condominium and each Sector has its Diwali Mela, Durga Puja, Christmas Carnival, Women’s Day Event, Teej Mela… the list goes on. It can put an Archies rack to shame. And that’s not it.

From kitty parties to private parties, ladies night outs to stags night outs, fashion shows to musical concerts, eating to go karting, elite clubs to pubs at the Cyber Hub, events and outings of every genre, Theatre performances, music concerts (Leisure Valley does us proud), stand-up comedies etc. etc. The social calendar is choc-o-bloc.

Too much development: While the Rapid Metro has made traffic woes a lot lesser, Rapid Metro’s Phase 2 (south extension) operations are expected to begin in February-March with the trial run underway. A Mass Rapid Transit System is being developed to connect Gurgaon and Bawal industrial area through an elevated Metro project.

And finally! Too many issues: Many endless traffic jams, many thefts, many goons, many potholes, many powercuts.. we could go on endlessly! The place needs local transport, regular water and power supply, affordable housing, waste management, water logging and a safe environment for women, better traffic management, better infrastructure. And that would ensure many smiles on many faces!! Amen!

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