Per Kilo Of Pakodas At This Legendary Stall Is Street Food Served In It’s Best Form!

Chai aur Pakode strikes childhood memories of sitting on the table with my siblings and awaiting hot pakodas…. is what perfect monsoons were made of. This dipped in oil street food remains a hot favourite even now! And who cares about calories? It is these deep fried street food wonders that make city dwellers throng to roadside stalls….. and make them legendary! \

Gandhiji Pakodewala

If you have been through the by lanes of Janta Market in Sadar Bazaar, anyone will be able to guide you to Gandhiji Pakodewala. This Pakode wala earned the title ‘legendary’, having served the city since 1948, by the family of Gandhiji. Starting then, with a hand pulled cart, 7 decades on, the outlet is a shop that has retained it’s quality meticulously.

Gandhiji Pakodewala

A humble stall, Gandhiji Pakodewala doesn’t disappoint… rather lived beyond my expectation. Tarun Gandhi, the 3rd generation kin of Gandhiji, maintains that this heritage pakoda shop serves about 11-12 varieties of vegetarian pakodas….. but the chutneys that he serves them with are…. delish on the side! Green or Pudina dhaniya chutney is the more popular one and has been relished since it’s inception.

Gandhiji Pakodewala

From the regulars- Paneer, Aloo, Pyaaz and palak to the more exotic- Lotus stem, soya chaap, baingan and scores more, the place, well,……. scores! Apart from this street delicacy, they have samosa and kachori in the menu as well. Because one isn’t going to suffice, I recommend ordering a few varieties to taste every flavour with gusto! You can buy the pakodas by the kilo too!

Well, my recommendation? A full mounted pakoda platter with a glass of lassi, of course! Open from as early as 7 am till 9 pm, Gandhiji Pakodewala rocks!


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