Funky Island – A ‘Fun’tastic Place

From thrilling arcade games to bumper cars to a adrenaline rushing 9D virtual reality movie experience,  Funky Island  is like a miniature indoor amusement park, a state-of-the art, fun yet stimulating entertainment zone for adults as well as kids. It is a vast, 11,000 square feet spread out area, abuzz with frenzy and excitement, perfect for a play date, family bonding time or a birthday party. I went with my 11 year old brat and despite the fact that he’s at an age where he doesn’t express excitement over most things, this place left him visibly awestruck and delighted. Needless to say, it also brought out the child in me and after two hours of non stop fun and mom-son bonding, we came back totally invigorated.

There are various attractions about the place worth a mention.

Bumper Cars: Spin them, bump them, the bumper cars are designed in a way that they can collide without any danger to the riders.

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Video Games: The video games are thrilling as well as stimulating, but most of all exclusive. Best in the line of interactive entertainment, latest universal releases, classics, favorites, they’ve got what nobody in Gurgaon has of yet. What more! It’s always nice to be rewarded and even nicer when it’s for having fun. The Funky Island’s redemption counter has all the goodies that kids love, bikes, cars, erasers, pens etc. The Demo Hunter had us totally wooed and glued till the last second.

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VR: The VR experience steals the show, quite literally! First of its kind in Delhi, NCR, this one literally immerses you into the theme. We chose a roller coaster one, and BOY! This is a roller coaster we’re not going to forget easily!

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7D Movie experience: This experience with a fun twist, some smog and thunder, a tickle, a poke and also some smoke makes for a thrilling one. The synchronization of a full spectrum of visual effects, surround sound, individually-controlled motion seats and special “live” environmental effects such as water spray, had our senses fully engaged like never before.

Soft Play zone: This area at  Funky Island will keep your tiny tots engaged and happy for hours. One can crawl up, slide down, go through tubes; basically indulge in a lot of monkeying around! The attendants are females, with oodles of patience.

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Birthday parties:  Funky Island makes for an ultimate venue for any celebration. They have an exclusive lounge party space, various enticing and economical packages and tie up for food with Basil Tree. Though one can call for food from Mc Donald’s or any other place of one’s choice too. They do special packages for birthdays so make sure you call them in advance to get that something extra.

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That Little Extra That We Loved about The Place

We saw some moms leave their little ones while they fled to soak in some “me time” shopping or at the movies. It was awesome watching the staff take care of these tykes with utmost responsibility. Infact, to reiterate, there ae female attendants and a female manager present all the time keeping a hawk’s eye on the staff.

So go immerse yourself in the enthralling aura of this place and make it a memorable time to cherish like we did.

Where: 2nd Floor, MGF Metropolis Mall, MG ROAD, Gurgaon

Contact: +919015649649            Timings: 11 am to 10:30 pm


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