Gurgaon’s Tryst with Art – Workshops by Ankita Nayak

An Art workshop called ArtBeat. There couldn’t have been a name more befitting than this given by Ankita to her art venture. A strategist by profession, an economist by education, and an artist by passion, her heart beats for art! Which is why this talented lady chose to follow her passion and also share it with others.



ArtBeat conducts workshops at various cafes around the city; where people eat, drink, paint and have whole lot of fun! It is a 2 hour long workshop with step-by step instructions to completing a painting. ArtBeat takes care of all the art supplies required for the workshop; and people even take their Art home! They have had events at Raasta Cafe, Chaayos, Potbelly Cafe, Jugaad,  Bronx etc. “The reason why I do my workshops at cafes is because my target audience; which comprise of people from 21- 40 years mostly enjoy going to cafes; they are people who want to try out different things”, says Ankita. She shares with us most candidly how she loves everything which has colour involved. Back in her college days she took plenty of fine art classes to learn how to paint. She used painting as a medium of relieving her stress. She thinks art makes you think better, and is the best form of a stress buster! (We couldn’t agree more!)

After many years of leaving college, she still had a small artist inside her; and to cater to this side in this busy world she started her Art venture by the name of ArtBeat. On an average, there are 10 to 12 participants for each workshop. “I don’t find it hard at all to teach people who have some enthusiasm and passion for art”, she concludes.

artbeat gurgaon art workshop

Lucky us, they have 2 upcoming events.

Bask yourself in colour and make your life colourful. You will love it!


Lovers Walking In Rain on 12th November (4 pm) at ArtBeat Studio, Gurgaon

Bridge Walk on 13th November (3 pm) at Bronx Cafe, Gurgaon


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