Pick A Book, Leave A Book! This Free Book Kiosk Is At HUDA Market! Read On!

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Just when you’re about to give up hope, there comes a ray that wakes you up! There was once a time when reading was something that was ardently indulged in….. with the advent of gadgets and life getting digitised around it’s periphery, the concept of actually sitting down with a book, seems extinct…. Guilty as charged I am too!

But one Gurgaon samaritan thought otherwise and gave a refreshed kickstart to book reading in Gurgaon…… in his own way! Dr. V.K.Narula, a veterinarian, 72 years old and a resident of Sector 56, Gurgaon, sparked an initiative to encourage the dying trend of reading. This novel idea runs on “Pick a book, Leave a book” concept.

He has installed 2 book kiosks- one stands at HUDA market and the other at Gracious Towers Sector 56. They are easy to spot with the tag line “BOOKS PICK UP AND OWN, DROP YOU OWN.”

The best bit about these kiosks are that they are FREE OF COST. All you do is, pick up a book from his collection of over 150 books in each kiosk, and drop one of your own for the benefit of other avid readers. And, there are absolutely no restrictions as to how many you want to pick up! The idea is to de-tech people and bring them back to good ol’ reading.

An ardent reader himself, Dr. Narula’s collection consists of over 2000 books, from which he refills the 2 kiosks- ranges from Mythological, History, Fiction to Comics, Nursery Rhymes and DIY books- there is something for every age group.

Notwithstanding the fact that he is well aware of the cost of having a free for all, open kiosk…. that is books getting stolen by ragpickers to further sell et al…. he is undeterred by the fact and continues resolutely in his endeavour. His initiative has garnered much appreciation and popularity… so much so, that publishers now approach him, offering books!

I must confess, I am amongst those readers who may have fallen prey to the world of gadgets, but the passion exuded by such samaritans, revives my own passion to read…. albeit in bits! It is a start!

Thank you sir, for being our book knight!

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