Welcome Jatin Arora- Fitness Trainer/ Coach, Our Mentor For The Fit Creed

“We don’t have to smarter than the rest, we have to be more disciplined than the rest” said by Warren Buffet… and lived by mentor for our fitness event, The Fit Creed… welcome fitness trainer, professional coach and mentor, Jatin Arora.

The Fit Creed

They call him the Fitness Trainer with a Midas touch. But to those who wake up at 5am to attend his training sessions, Jatin Arora is a lot more than a good trainer. By combining his exhaustive knowledge of the science of fitness with his vast experience in the field, Jatin is known to deliver exceptional results by helping people achieve not just unprecedented levels of fitness but also a whole new way of life. Living by every word of the movement, “LIVE life Dramatically, MOVE more.”

The Fit Creed

After fifteen years of working in the Hospitality industry, ITES and Retail sectors as an Operations and Business Excellence expert, Jatin Arora decided to follow his passion and become his own BOSS. He decided to pursue his career as a FITNESS EXPERT.

The Fit Creed

Here is all what Jatin exudes….
The Trainer: To individuals who are beginning their fitness journey, he directs an supports all aspects of training – deliberately taking baby but sure steps to keep their interest in fitness and remaining injury free
The Coach: As the athlete develops the next level of fitness, he then gradually changes his role to discussing and agreeing on appropriate training requirements
The Mentor: As the athlete matures gets into competitive sports, Jatin effortlessly takes over the role of a mentor by determining training requirements and providing advice and support as and when required.

The Fit Creed

In all this, Jatin keeps a hawk’s eye view on the safety of the trainees – providing a safe environment for them remains his foremost priority – he keeps athletes on the set task and guides them to follow correct practice and progressions.

Jatin is the founder and Head coach of BootCamp Yellow, the only organised
outdoor fitness training being conducted in NCR. With core Values like community, quality and excellence, Jatin wants Boot Camp Yellow “to be a leader in building community health, providing exceptional and innovative training programs and services that result in measurable and transformational change in the lives of those he trains.”

The Fit Creed

An avid Runner, Jatin was commissioned as a Master Trainer with the Reebok Running Squad from 2013 an initiative of Reebok India. He has participated in several runs across the world and recently completed his maiden IRONMAN 70.3 in Indonesia Bintan.


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