The Oh So Expensive City Gurgaon… A Reality Check!!!

A city with its own hustle bustle, glitz and gleams has great ways to cheer its populace. But offers everything at peak touching prices, read more to find out how high you might have to climb to spend happy moments with your family and pals.


Gurgaon surely has peaks!!         Surprised?

 Well, not the mountains but its prices for all commodities are always at peak. Being in an expensive city like Gurgaon for a young worker can merely be called living, rather dragging the life with bleak salary to the peak high prices. Usually, these young entrants into the jobs are standalone survivors and manage it somehow on certain compromises. But what if a person who walks in the city with his complete family??
gurgaon problem of plenty
From school to housing, to groceries, to clothes, to travelling, to medical facilities, to entertainment; everything costs unexpectedly high, especially if one resides in the newer Gurgaon. The older parts of the city might give you a better cost but people avoid it due to the great chaos that persists.
Buying or renting out an apartment in Gurgaon or New Gurgaon gives a big reason to carefully plan your stay in Gurgaon. The apartments which were priced at Rs 1,825 a sq ft in 2009 now have a price tag of about Rs 4,983 a sq ft, an increase of 173 per cent. The rental rates are also so high that they become a headache in long run.
Every now and then people complain of the vegetables being available near their localities to be really overpriced. The main reason of existence of this problem is the monopoly enjoyed by these vendors. An extra drive to the nearest vegetable markets, can serve the purpose to some extent. The low price promising stores like Reliance, Big Bazaar e.t.c can also be looked into for vegetables and all sorts of groceries. Also there are stores in some particular localities which deliver everything to the doorstep but have some conditions for that.
After establishing a decent home one starts looking for a suitable helper. With a high level of search one might be reached out near your society but be ready to pay off a great share of your salary. Even with the high sum being paid to them a great level of tantrums comes along the way.

Travelling in the city

 gurgaon transport
Travelling is also an expensive affair, as it is not well connected through autos or buses.  Auto walas demand a price of their personal wish from travelers who hire personal autos. And if one owns a car, a small distance has to make its way through so much traffic that the break and the clutch paddle are mostly down and the accelerator is mostly on rest, giving a high pressure on the engine which leads to great consumption of the fuel the vehicle is moving on. A distance of 5 kilometers might be covered in half an hour or so.
 In Gurgaon, you will find availability of ample options for all your requirements, but they might just cost you a little higher than usual. Undoubtedly, there are great medical facilities, in terms of best of hospitals but your treatment expense might really soar high. One has to be really careful and open-minded in getting the treatment, they might drag you into some extra body examinations which might be completely not required.
And if you are thinking of getting your child enrolled into a good school, with an excellent education and special emphasis on extracurricular activities then you are in the right city. But grabbing an admission may have certain conditions. Paying a handsome amount, going through some rigorous parent and child’s interviews is just a usual deal. Some schools even demand the accommodation to be in the good areas of Gurgaon, they just completely reject the applications from the not so good areas.


And when on the weekends one looks for some entertainment

weekends in gurgaon

 (undoubtedly the options here are more than any city in the country) – watch a movie for not less than 1k for two people, shop at Ambience mall and you will almost find your pockets empty, dine in at the best cafes in Cyber hub, but make sure the budget decides the place and not the taste buds.
And such is the city with all the glitz and dreams, heading over to a new milestone. People from all over the world now see a dream of possessing a home here. But the dream city for all has its own deals to be offered. 

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