The Reality Of Living In Gurgaon, Not So Fancy, Eh?

Living in Gurgaon comes with its perks but there are a lot of things people assume when they realize that you’re from Gurgaon. Here is an Expectations Vs Reality of living in Gurgaon.

1. No, Guys for the first and the last time, We don’t have a happening nightlife ( NOT ALWAYS )!

Expectations Vs Reality

We’re actually just like you and our parents are as strict as yours so we don’t really go out to a party that often and usually are at home watching Netflix.

2. We’re all not Super Rich, NO, JUST NO.

Expectations Vs Reality

We are actually kinda broke, Everything is expensive in Gurgaon and We got no Sarojini nagar to get those deals, so end up spending money and being broke in 0.000001 Seconds. I mean, Come on, If we were that rich I would’ve bought a Lambo by now!

3. We all really do not live in those Lavish Farmhouses

Expectations Vs Reality

I really do not know who started this rumour that we all live those catalog homes, where everything is super luxury and the home looks like some Expensive Resort but I am really tired of it. I mean, do you even know the rate of property here in Gurgaon? Even if we wanted to live like that, we simply just can not afford to!

4. Not all of us can speak Haryanvi, We really can not. Trust us!

I am so sick and tired of people asking me to speak in Haryanvi for them and when I say ‘I don’t know’ their come back is ‘ Thodi si bol de na yaar’… like bro I really don’t know how to… We talking normally in Hindi/English at our places.

5. We are not Rude, In fact, we’re the sweetest & kindest people you’ll meet!

Expectations Vs Reality

I don’t know what makes people think that we are rude! We really are not! We are one of the sweetest people you’ll meet and if you’re our friends then we’d do anything to make your dreams and wishes come true!

6. So you thing Gurgaon is just a concrete forest think again! 

Expectations Vs Reality

Gurgaon is a nice big district with over 1,258 km² area! Trust me we have a lot of ‘Khets’ that will all your Bollywood – DDLJ dreams come true! You can also run towards your Raj/Simran here…. does it get any better?

Seems a little different than what you thought, No? Well, Sorry to disappoint you but this is life! If you think that we missed something really really important then please do mention that in the comments & Start sharing this with all your friends who assumed / or still do, these things about you!


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A very frustrated, tired of being stereotyped ‘Gurgaonite’

Himani Yadav


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