Dipti Datta

Join ‘Enlightened Circle’, A Group Of Friends For Smashing Life Successes!

February 13, 2020

Have you ever felt like the world is closing in on you? The daily humdrum, the stresses, the race to keep up, the push to be the best..... all that can be a whole lot more stressful and detrimental than any physical exertion. It pains the heart to see humans suffering from frustration, anxiety, anger, stress, unpleasant relations, confusion, restlessness, sadness, depression, jealousy, and many more issues in these times of utmost luxury, isn't it?

This is an alarming situation, with the increase in the number of depression cases, the call for an urgent need to bring back the real happiness in every human being's life becomes indispensable. It is time to reawaken the capacity where an individual can live life, enjoy togetherness, be rejuvenated by nature, there is a need to make human beings Human again.

Why The Enlightened Circle?

Imagine a Society where Joy, Wisdom, Love, Laughter and Meditation is the only religion? Sounds hard to believe, doesn't it? Believe you me, as bookish as this may sound, it is what is desperately in dearth of in lives.... yours and mine! And then it becomes necessary for a few to take up the onus to relink the missing bits of happiness that we all crave.

Enlightened Circle is a circle of friends, with a common vision of creating a family-like society where each individual is nourished with wisdom, love, consciousness, creativity such that they master the art of living a contented life.

Enlightened Circle was created to revolutionize the current way of living by adding meaning to life. A new life pattern to bring a breakthrough enriching an individual’s life with meditation, peace, joy, contentment, and relaxation.

Learn the art of being blissful in the midst of chaos, the power of meditation for balance, the power to remain unaffected by failure or disapprovals, the courage to know and accept yourself and be your own master.

Roopantaran- the Inward Journey

Are you prepared to be part of something BIG? Something Life altering, transforming, revolutionary? Do you have the fire in you to do something different ? Take charge of your life, Decide what impacts you, affects you, motivates you. Be the Master of your own Life and an ambassador for Change in the others'? Every human being has a need to connect, to feel loved, to feel worthy. Roopantaran is your path to worthiness on the 23rd of February 2020, 10 am - 5 pm at The Masterpiece, Golf Course Road, DLF Phase 5, Sector 54, Gurugram.

This very enlightening session- Roopantaran- is your route to a higher state of being. Roopantaran is an experiential session with a focus on implementation. This process is a perfect amalgamation of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern techniques. The sessions are designed for an effortless implementation keeping in mind the modern lifestyle.

Roopantaran is a one day workshop that leads you to relaxation, contentment, and rejuvenation. It encourages you to take a long hard look at your life and equips you with tools to make it better and helps you apply the knowledge and intelligence you already possess in the most practical and result driving manner.

The workshop is scientifically designed to break the incessant mind chatter and brings you to the present moment. Through activities, it brings you in a lighthearted state thereby bringing you to relaxation.

In just a few hours you learn meditation and experience its benefits, bringing clarity in life... You can easily identify the reasons for pain and more easily remove them from your life. Slowly you start making life choices that only bring peace. These beliefs will enriches your life with a friend circle who are actively working on self-improvement.

Feel rejuvenated and more in touch with yourself. Experience a world of a difference in your state of being in just a few sessions. With these precious gems and life sutras, You become the master of your own life.

Website: https://enlightenedcircle.in/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnlightenedCircle/


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