The Largest Bar & The Biggest Terrace In Gurgaon Are At This Newest Hotspot In The City

The ‘Roaring 20s’, ‘jazz’, gramophones and gangsters… found yourself  right in the midst of a Gatsby movie set up, didn’t you? If that intrigued you, delve a little bit more into this world, replete with adventure- blacker blacks, smokier fires and stronger liquor, where you mingle al la mafia style! Distillery Gurgaon brings to the city, a place where liquor never stops flowing and RAD music takes you to the fantasy land of gangsters.

Distillery Gurgaon

Looming right at the entrance of the Sector 29 market, this 15000 sq ft. stellar property comes from the House of Yuvi Brands: Makers of Molecule, The Drunken Botanist, Viet:nom, incorporating the old and new, with raw, edgy and unchained, yet plush and elegant interiors. The place boasts of housing the city’s largest bar and biggest terrace! Don’t miss the Fist folk Lift used to fetch bottles from the top shelves of this 40 ft bar… a one of a kind arrangement in India! This is where my tryst with this magical place began…

Distillery Gurgaon
Mafia’s Kiss

… and it began with Mafia’s Kiss! This Bourbon, milk, Roasted Coffee beans, Cream, White Chocolate and Hazelnut, dark chocolate seasoned concoction is a dessert cocktail served in style! This cocktail has a woody rawness that transcends you to the magical era… the smooth criminal!

Distillery Gurgaon
Apple Sin

While the kiss did its trick, the sin had to be countered…. Apple Sin is a virgin blend of Honey, Ginger, Lemon, Apple and Cinnamon Mocktail- a smooth, distinctive flavour of every ingredient standing out.

Breaking Bread

Chef Anas Qureshi graciously invited our taste buds to his expertise in creating nostalgic progressive global cuisine… beginning with Breaking Bread, an array of flat crispy breads served on a tree! The image speaks for their modernism in presentation. The condiments included Bear relish, Gurkha dip, Achari sour cream and tomato salsa.

Token Of Love

After the appetite built up, their Token Of Love, poured out, in rose pink… a complimentary surprise welcome drink that not only refreshed, it prepared me for the host of innovative dishes to follow…

Distillery Gurgaon
Pakoda Chaat

Pakoda Chaat is yours to order when you want to go light, a little desi and a little experimental…. With a tinge of sweetness, this one got me at the first bite!

What followed was truly an avante garde gastronomy on display… their 4 Cheese Tortellini is homemade tortellini pasta with an exquisite filling of melted four cheese, served with spicy tomato chutney.

For a watchful appetite like mine to binge on their Crispy Cheese Coral, is proof in itself. Seasoned mix cheese coated with crispy sheet and fried into a coral… the three pepper dip and delicious avocado sauce… left the taste lingering on….

Now being a Pan Asian connoisseur, my meal could not qualify as complete without Chef Anas’s creation, Chilli Garlic Chicken Dimsums that, needless to say, didn’t have me stop at one! The vegetarian avtaar was a revelation in presentation and delectability.

But when has Asian cuisine ended without the ever tasteful Sushi? And so, Spicy Salmon Sushi and Veg California (but of course!) were served, adding as the perfect epilogue to the delightful menu I had just experienced.

International Halwai

All is well that ends on a sweet note! Everything that Distillery stands for, seemed to have accumulated in the coolest blend of desi and global…. International Halwai, is an innovative dessert that will have all your mithai and mousse cravings satiated! Kalakand stuffed with Nutella mousse and Vanilla Sponge…. it doesn’t end here…. Poured over with thickened ‘kaada’ milk and dehydrated brownie on the side… the most contrasting flavours and cultures meeting in the mouth!

Apart from enhancing your the palate, the place hosts separate Gentlemen gang, The Boss Lady gang, and the Beard heroes Gang through the week…. scotch and an endless flow of cosmos and martinis!

All that talk of deliciousness, calls for an encore…. and guess where I am heading…… my moment in luxury!

Where: Plot No. 16 & 17, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Call: 07678033212


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