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With a vast amount of lifestyle disorders that have crept inside the society many people are struggling with obesity these days. And, if not obesity, many lifestyle disorder diseases have created havoc in the lives of everyone. Fast cars, fast food and fast living have contributed highly to the health issues  everyone is facing. Among all this, when we try to get our body back to health we find it quite tough considering the immense pressures of living an orderly life and following a particular routine. To top it fad diets and quick fix solutions can only damage the body further.
This is when we look for help towards experts who can help manage our schedules, eating habits and guide us to get into a regular workout regime. Gurgaon has a lot of such nutritionists, dieticians; lifestyle gurus that can help you offer health solutions. Apart from the regular clinic bound nutritionists, Gurgaon has now seen an emergence of dietitians and nutritionists who work from home and provide consultation either from their homes or online. Some of the best we have in town are listed here.

 Karisma Diet Centre


They take each client as an individual & provide counsel, closely, through the journey of life-style modifications required, for each one. The new course is somewhat unfamiliar to them – but 24 *7 availability of counseling gives the much needed constant support to them At their centre, regular workshops are held, amongst our tightly knit team of Diet Counselors so as to keep up the ethical & honest spirit of our work, constantly, as priority number one!

Call: 8800672929, 8800673232, 8800674646 


Karun Makhija

Dr. Karun Makhija is called the “Miracle man” in the social circles. He has his clinic in GK Part 2 New Delhi, but he also consults at DLF Phase III, Gurgaon on Fridays. Many of my friends refer to him as magical. He offers health solutions based on the lifestyle, food preferences and meal times. Basically, regulating the quantity of intake and setting the meal clock is his magical formula. Topping on the cake is actually “cake”! Believe me, they don’t call him magical for nothing. His diet prescription includes foods like McDonald’s burger, Subway sandwich, pizza, maggi, cakes, pasta and the like. And he does not emphasize on exercise as well (for dieting purposes).


Dr. Makhija has an incredible scientific approach to an individual’s body and very comfortably he provides solutions that can alter a person’s lifestyle without them knowing that not just their body but their life is altering.

Call: 01129213279, 01129212343

 Mandeep Thakral (Health Solutions)

Mandeep provides complete health solutions where she emphasizes on preventive solutions for health through complete nutrition guide. She has a medical and nutrition background and focuses on providing one to one diet plans based on the health of her client. Along with that she also understand the medical condition of her clients and suggests nutrition based plans to suit the individual’s body type With a 98% success rate to boast she has been able to create quite a buzz in the social circles with her personalized services.

 For each solution provided to her clients she makes sure that the menu consists of clean, healthy foods that can modulate the BMI accordingly.


Call: 9811042324


Suman Soin (Panache)

Suman Soin is one of the most popular health solutions experts in Gurgaon. Largely termed as the magician she has a keen sense of understanding the requirements of the clients and accordingly suggests a food plan. Her motto is “eat to be fit” and so she helps her clients regulate their weight with sensible eating with the right foods at the right time and in right proportions. Her solutions help her clients understand their body better and therefore regulate their food intake accordingly.

 Working from home she promises services from 11 am to 11 pm everyday and her diet plans are designed as per her client’s eating habits and are altered each week to beat the monotony.


Call: 9810380825


 Charu Dua Sethi

Another very popular name within the circles, Charu makes her clients eat everything that is home cooked and fresh while regulating their lifestyle accordingly. Her initial program starts with a 9 day “know your body” program and from thereon she starts working on the patterns that her clients exhibit and how their bodies react to the diet. Focusing highly on the health status of the clients her dietary plans are designed kept in mind how the client’s body would accept them. Dietary patterns based on diet plan according to the frequency of intake and the cooking method along with the amount/ proportions of the meals.

 Call 9958006208 

Tina Sapra (Doctor Diet)

Tina is a registered dietician with the American Diabetic Association and offers customized diet plans for obesity, diabetes and hypertension and empowers her clients to change the way they think about their weight. A one-on-one guidance on a day to day basis is offered so that the clients can become fit and stay that way. Food preferences, medical problems and daily routine all form the basis of diagnosis and accordingly the health solutions are offered.

 With 11 years of experience and a huge success rate, Tina has been working extensively in the field of diet and nutrition counseling for lifestyle change. She emphasizes on the holistic approach towards a person’s life and provides solutions without major tweaking in the daily food habits and activities.

Call: 8130865420

Vandana Verma (Fitness For All)

Vandana Verma offers diet plans based on blood group, health conditions and lifestyle. Mostly a combination meal plan is provided to ensure the body is not left with deficiency. A scientific approach is extended to the client’s lifestyle, routine, food preferences and meal timings. Solutions based on the holistic health development of the client is taken into account.

 Vandana has a 5 (plus) years’ experience in the field and already has a huge clientele within the country and abroad. Most of her clients approach her through word of mouth and that has eventually led her to open her own clinic at Palam Vihar, Gurgaon.

 Call: 9999109574



Enough and more people have had all of these nutrition and diet solutions have has successfully altered their life for good. Basic discipline and a bit of exercise can lead to much healthier and fulfilling life. And these experts and guides are here to help us understand our bodies a bit better.

 Stay Happy and Healthy!!

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