Devdeep Tyagi

CorpBuzz: Latest in the Corporate Business World of Gurgaon!!

July 12, 2017

Every organization has a unique story to tell. It's story tellers are hard working individuals who beautifully weave a memorable story, an experience that is composed of exhilirating achievements, unprecedented challenges, surprising learnings and a better learning. These happenings gather wings to fly and have their essence reach every knook and corner once it has a platform to launch from. What's up Gurgaon is doing just that. We will bring to you the latest happening from the diverse corporate landscape that defines and shapes Gurgaon's identity. Corporate establishments have mushroomed in the buzzing cosmopolis of Gurgaon, forever supporting claims to its meteoric rise in India's success story. It is time we informed our readers and followers just what these corporations and businesses are planning and doing , in their bid to further elevate the status and awareness about Gurgaon

corporate gurgaonWhat's up Gurgaon brings to you the latest development, plans and broad activities on the horizon of the leading Corporate and Business establishments based in Gurgaon: organisations that in their own capacity illuminate the success story of Gurgaon and constitute an attribute that marks the presence of Gurgaon as a leading mega metropolis. Be it a line of expansion of a leading multinational, a great success story of a start up, an upcoming branch of an already established set up, or just about any highlight on the event horizon of a corporate house, we bring all the buzz from the Corporate World. Our aim is to inform our patrons and readers of any significant development from the Corporate establishments, the magnetic pull of whose draws the necessary attention toward Gurgaon and lends useful credence in shaping the business landscape of this bright, optimistic city.