Gurgaon- A Gastronomical p(h)ub for the City Foodie!!

Hello Gurgaon! The city that never rests, and never fails to disappoint in its perpetual gastronomical rise! Yeah, we don’t mind the late night soirees nor do we abstain from an opportunity to exhibit our love for food….and drinks ! And i say “we” here because turning from a typical Delhi’ite’ to a pakka Gurgaon’ite’, has been the easiest thing to do for me! You ask me why? My loyalty towards Gurgaon is mostly attributed to it being transformed in to a hub of culinary delights! No exaggeration there, its discovering the foodie in me I didn’t know existed!

The Foodie Brigade

cyber hub

Yeah i’m a foodie and i speak for all my fellow Gurgaon ‘ites’, the proud self claimed foodies who unabashedly share their passion to eat and experiment with everything culinary. New venues, shameless food and drinks promotions on the social media, a plethora of options to dine at, (opening up at the speed of a dozen by the second), a Paradise for those who don’t restrict their taste buds from being adventurous! Gurgaon foodies don’t seem to be getting extinct any time soon!

Food’s The Word!

gurgaon foodie

From multi-cuisines, regional cuisines, specialty cuisines to bakeries, cafes, bars and lounges, wine shops and supermarkets, there is something for everyone, (for the likes of me, there is everything for just one!). The invention of the gastronomic paradises started right here with Cyber Hub, Sector 29 and now Horizon one and two and Hawker Street Ambience Mall not being the snob and ignoring the roadside stalls, food trucks, vans, cars and bikes. The food culture here is taken resolutely.Our own little island we have got going here, our own little fairy tale with food and more food, and if i haven’t repeated the word enough…..more Food!

Let’s Hit It!

sector 29

Its all good and rosy here in my city where i don’t have to sit with the yellow pages to scout for new places to head to. Well, quite the opposite really, its almost a cut throat competition here as to who will get to the newest hotspot in town first!!  i’ve never got around to winning, but i’m not giving up just yet. The first review is like the first born…the one that matters the most! (and no, i’m not the first born). But With my city foodies playing the catalysts in gearing up Gurgaon full throttle towards Mission Food Unlimited, I’m sure to make it!

food truck

Let me bestow an interesting fact I read somewhere, “If you visit one eatery in Gurgaon a day, you will get to repeat the place after two years!!” So, you see why a foodie like me has clung to the city for dear life? Here’s to all the city foodies who never give up on the pleasures!!


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