Celesta Fiesta Brings Life To The Moves At The Shuffle Studio

As a mother, it is an obvious concern to find the safest ‘bet’ for your child, where extra curriculum is concerned. Dance is no different. To zero in on one place that will club training and fun, in equal proportions, is as daunting as finding a needle in a haystack. But it is equally challenging finding one for yourself! The ever competitive corporate culture squeezing more out of you than you’d like?… Kids at home and no ‘me time’?….. A dream to revive a long lost interest in dancing?… See your kid’s potential in dance?… I have one answer…. The Shuffle Studio @Celesta Fiesta!The place follows the ‘everything under one roof’ mantra to the T. The array of dance forms taught here by the Head Instructor Sourav Dhyani and his team, are as diverse as the activities themselves. It is imperative that I share my knowledge of this charming destination, for all of you who love to shake a leg…. or two!Dance Fit- The Two Worlds Come Together!celesta fiesta shuffle studio gurgaon Dance is an extension of fitness! But what if you get the best of both the worlds in one clean sweep? This group session requires No extensive practice sessions, no pressure of perfection…. rather, you show up, work up a sweat, let your hair down on some catchy numbers, easy and fun, you leave feeling good about the workout… and yourself!Two To Tango Looking to revive romance or perfecting those slow moves with your partner? Two to Tango is what you must enroll for! A couples session that will make you a pro at the fascinating Latino moves; Else if you’re more of the formal moves kinds, the Ballroom dance will get you moving like breeze!Happy Feet In The Makingcelesta fiesta shuffle studio gurgaon Happy moments create Happy children! Happy children enthuse Happy Feet! Why should kids be restrained, when they can be free? Which is exactly what this dance session intends. This freestyle dance class brings a perfect vent for your little ones to stream all the pent up energy too!Bollywood Fun(k) With Bollyfunkcelesta fiesta shuffle studio gurgaon What would we do without Bollywood music? Now add a dash of dance to it…. and you’ve got the quirkiest, most entertaining form of dance… Bollyfunk! No points for guessing why… considering the raging craze for Bollywood music. What’s more, this Bollywood dance style class is proving to be a fun and effective way to burn calories!The Spicy Salsa! With the intrigue hitting high towards Salsa, classes for this Cuban dance form are in high demand. Celesta Fiesta has professional mentors to perfect your moves, so you can confidently attend the next Salsa night in the city and show off… like a pro!Dance… And All That Jazz!Jazz sqaure, jazz hands, lycra, sequins, lace-up jazz shoes and Flashdance! That’s Jazz! Complimenting the popular Jazz music, this dance form is much in demand through all age groups, because a successful dancer must have jazz training! Get a personal session at Celesta Fiesta with the best in business!The Zumba Effectcelesta fiesta shuffle studio gurgaonZumba needs no introduction, being the most popular fitness dance form. Dance all out, mouth all the captivating numbers, let your hair down….. and get into the groove, as Shefali, Zumba instructor at Celesta Fiesta, makes you sweat to her counts!Private Sessions Make A Man PerfectDancing in a group is always fun; But if time is a challenge or your child is inclined to take up dance, seriously… no ‘sweat’! The Shuffle Studio is happy to hold private sessions too! Holding private classes for 8 years and above, the expertise is top notch!Naach, Gaana & Wedding Choreographycelesta fiesta shuffle studio gurgaonPerformances are the most fun part of weddings. But the challenge is to get the group together, find a place that has music, food, entertainment… and most importantly… space! The Shuffle Studio swoops in to save the day! They get you an instructor, get your songs sorted, get your practice sessions going in full swing… But when do practices end on time? They arrange for palate as well through those practice sessions! A mini celebration before the big one!Quit The Corporate Stress… Get Jiving!Stress, deadlines, competition…. the Corporate culture! The Shuffle Studio is the gateway to respite from that as well! Many companies in Delhi/NCR have incorporated Celesta Fiesta’s corporate dance services in their annual wellness programs- Regular dance/fitness classes, crowd enthralling workshops & annual day choreography!Professional Performances at EventsBut of course! With a crew of professionally trained masters of dance on their side, their team is a regular performer at Kingdom of Dreams’ stunning theatrical extravaganzas! Your event can step up a few notches higher too, having them on stage!Now, with that array on the menu, there can be only one thought on the mind…… Let’s dance!Located at Celesta Fiesta, The Shuffle Studio is an extension of all that the place entails. Celebrate a birthday, host a Kitty party,  or just let this be the place where your child explores creativity, replete with an exclusive spa salon for kids only!

Where: 17, Ashoka Cresent Marg, DLF Phase 1, Sector 26A, Gurugram

Call: 9717000547


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