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When it comes to kids, it can be a daunting task, to keep them entertained. As a parent to an 8 year old, I have been under this very tedious and challenging task. Gurgaon, being a completely self reliant city, is expected to house everything you need….almost! So, my tryst with this new and unique creative hub in the bustle of DLF Phase 1, called Celesta Fiesta.  Celesta Fiesta turned out to be a one stop shop for kids’ entertainment…..and not just that…a learning experience through and through!
celesta fiesta
The brainchild of Juhi Dhand, a mother of two, Celesta Fiesta was brought to life through her search for an ideal place for entertainment for her kids. Having visited a lot of play zones on holidays abroad, her quest to find a place where the quality of activities and staff would be at par with what they experienced on their holidays was perpetually on. Hence the conception of Celesta Fiesta (Heavenly Celebrations) – a place for kids to get superior entertainment as well state of the art facilities with a skilled staff who know the value of hygiene and safety.

For The Kids, Of The Kids, By The Kids! 

Divas and Dudes Salon & Spa

celesta fiesta

Why shouldn’t the kids have all the fun? The Salon ‘n Spa by Divas ‘n Dudes, is a place just to pamper your tiny tots, silly! Say goodbye to tantrums….their staff is skilled enough to put your child to ease…and get going with all the princely treatment! The Salon offers Hair cuts, Manis, Pedis, nail art, braiding and hair styling, add to that, they’ll even make ‘Mundan’ woes disappear!
With all products, Sulphate and Parabin- free, they are packed with organic goodness. Also on the offer is an all natural, safe anti – lice treatment which is gentle on the hair.

Activity Zone

Celesta Fiesta

“Every flower blooms in it’s own soil”….the same holds true for nurturing young inquisitive minds into confident, responsible young adults. At Celesta Fiesta, this is taken resolutely, which is apparent in their array of activities.  Tied up with the very best professional in their field to bring to you activity classes and workshops that teach life skills, build self esteem, communication and of course lots of fun.
The most endearing bit of my understanding of Celesta Fiesta, came through Juhi’s reiteration that all of the kids workshops are held by moms who have years of expertise in their field and teach their craft with a lot of passion. Some of these are apt for adults as well! The wide spread of workshops includes:
  • Etiquettes – Designed to harness confidence  in conducting business as well as social interactions.
  • Flameless Cooking– kids learn to make basic recipes and along with that inculcate the values of sharing and working as a team while subconsciously developing better concentration and patience.
  • Stories & Tales– The focus is on a wholistic approach towards reading and our course is structured to inculcate values and confidence building  in young minds.
  • Dance Classes– From fun group sessions to private tutorials, traditional Indian dance forms  to wedding choreography we have it all under one roof.
  • Mind O’ Veg– A fun filled engaging workshop on building a positive relationship with food. It empowers children to make informed choices at an impressionable age that helps them take better control of their health.
  • Young Explorers–  Creates an experience with a particular topic and children are encouraged to learn, do and build.
  • Mandala Art– The workshop introduces one to the wonderful world of mandalas and their effectiveness in harnessing one’s thoughts and energy.  All participants will be guided though the techniques of creating Mandalas.


Celesta Fiesta

Here is some fuzzy fun for kids…the Build-a-Buddy corner helps kids create their very own personalised furry buddy through our hands-on, interactive process and add their personalised choices with clothes, fragrances and sounds and a birth certificate. Your Chief Buddy Officer will help you through the process! Thats’s not all……add into the furry buddy, a special heart that holds your love and wishes….a perfect gift for your tiny tots!

Party Corner

Celesta Fiesta

Celesta Fiesta takes on the daunting task of precisely organising themed parties with the aim to delight both kids and teens to celebrate their special day or any other day like graduation party or a bridal party etc. A moody summer carnival or a party with groovy foot tapping music and themed decorations to suit the occasion or glittery costumes for the touch of glamour; that with lip smacking food and drinks, are all set to get the mood going for a day of celebrations for the young customers. Let your kids let their head down at the Party corner…that is rife with fun party props, placards…and a photo studio, where you can make some lovely and precious memories. Add to that, a karaoke area to bring to life confidence and talent of your child.

Creation Station

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Creativity is the freedom to let go….Let their creativity flow at the Creation Station, kids can create their own Soaps, Body lotion, Lip Balm, Sugar Scrubs. They can select their favourite scents and colours and mix their very own custom creations. Special care is taken to make sure that only  Sulphate free and Parabin free products that are safe to use on delicate skin types, are used. Apart from bath and body care products, kids can create room decor products that involve arts and crafts activities like terrariums, buntings, photo frames, nameplates, and lots more.

In-door Theatre

Thinking of a movie outing for your kid’s birthday or just a playdate? Celesta Fiesta has that sorted for you. Their in-house movie theatre assures a safe, comfortable and fun loaded experience. And what’s more? They’ll even move the salon within the theatre, to gift your kids the best of both the worlds!


celesta fiesta

Celesta Fiesta proudly presents exquisite, handcrafted collections made by mom entrepreneurs who operate their business with as much dedication, determination and vision as they do in caring for their kids. Each of these inspiring ladies have taken their passion for their craft and translated it into one of a kind product. Most of the products they house are not available in stores for retails sale and each purchase goes towards helping a small business grow.

Where: 17, Ashoka Crescent, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon

Call: 9717000547



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