Cafe Staywoke…Be Aware Of This Gorgeous Little Find!

Be aware!, seems to be the mantra that is much needed these days….But  when it is infused with culinary expertise, it has a new meaning! When Manali, a software engineer and Abhinav, a businessman,  incorporated the dictum in to the concept of their labour of hard work, which they call Cafe Staywoke, meaning ”being aware”, they meant it! A quaint  little place in Southpoint mall on Golf Course Road, Café Staywoke, defies all  mundane mantras. Offering credit to Chef Tarun Sibal and Chef Nishant Choubey, who have curated a menu that spells nothing short of revolutionary.

cafe staywoke

The vibe of the place got me comfortable instantly. The huge wall board with one-liners that that rightly spells awareness, a  little hanger hanging from the ceiling that displayed bits of drawing, sweet remnants of the the kids they have had as guests and a swing placed as a seating in the middle of the cafe, brought about the dash of quirk!

cafe staywoke

Quinoa and Chickpeas Salad

My tryst with Staywoke began with a very warm welcome from Co-owner Manali, who very generously lined up a spate of dishes from their menu that left me gapng! Starting with the Staywoke masala Chai, which did wonders for my sore throat,

cafe staywoke

Beetroot and Coconut Soup

I was offered Quinoa and Chickpeas Salad which was side served with Sour dough Bread.  Tamarind chutney, raw mangoes and pomegranate added the little twist called freshness. Next came Beetroot and coconut soup, a very unusual mix, smooth and delicious!

cafe staywoke

Raagi Upama with Peanut and Thai Chilli Jap

Their style of menu  is Gourmet casual, serving the most exotic ingredients in the most casual surrounding, which stands true for the Raagi Upama with peanut and Thai Chilli Jap! Revolutionary to say the least, with the thai flavour bringing in the perfect sweet zing.

cafe staywoke

Mushroom Vol-vou-vent

Their The Mushroom Vol-au-Vent, creamy mushrooms in Vol au vent shell, mascarpone, thyme &  berry, rich and filling. The heady creaminess, completely justifying itself as a light snack dish.

cafe staywoke

Escapcha Prawns

As Manali provided me with anecdotes on their very wide horizoned vision, Their innovative streak just wouldn’t stop surprising with Escapacha Prawns, an exquisite dish of prawns smeared with cheese sauce and chopped prawns, avocado and sunrise tomatoes on the side, a pure magical dish, distinct in the mix of unthought of  ingredients.

cafe staywoke

Seared Lamb in Port wine Jus

Next up….Seared Lamb with port wine jus, carrot puree and humus was another, that left me spellbound. Such a well done lamb preparation, that disintegrated in the mouth perfectly. The Chicken Biryani Fried rice is a clever cross between biryani and fried rice, aligning the Indian taste with the oriental, as is their Madras Duck Curry with Parantha, the coconut based duck curry giving it a pure south Indian flavour, the duck in a neat avtaar. Their approach in every single dish was  by far the most brave that I have experienced…a definite deserving  thumbs up!

cafe staywoke

Chai Kulfi with Parle G

It would be criminal to not have tried their desserts, that by name itself created anticipation of being completely rebellious, and it didn’t disappoint! Chai Kulfi with Parle G, a chai dessert…who would have thought of something so distinct? My romance with desserts, found a new meaning! The prices do complete justice to the taste and experience.

Satiated till my core, I can only say this…Café Staywoke, is one to watch out for…Gourmet in comfort, like nowhere else!

Head To: Southpoint Mall, 1st Floor, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Call: 9916604855



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