A look into the Gurgaon Startup Expo.

Gurgaon Get Started!  A look into the Gurgaon startup expo……

India has arrived as one of the five largest startup communities in the world, according to a report by Nasscom, India is now ranked third among global startup ecosystems with more than 4,200 new-age companies. The start-up expo organised by Lufthansa in Gurgaon was no exception, showing the sheer numbers of the start-ups a city like Gurgaon can churn out . It was a rush hour from the time the gates opened, consisting of start-ups , incubators , start-up enthusiasts , VC’S you name it  ….it felt every much like a scene out of the movie “The pirates of the silicon valley” when start-ups in the US were getting ready with their stalls in place for an expo. The spirit was high and positive. The number of people walking in was increasing by the minute.

Our very Own “What’s Up Life“was also part of this expo and oh boy how glorious did the stall look….

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From healthcare to agriculture the repertoire of the event was large. The best VC’S in the country were part of it,names such as Sequoia , Kalaari capital, and Unicorn ventures India.With all the noise around there were those start-up’s which really caught my attention.

To start with ,”Barsys”,A start-up which deals with automated bartending  machinery for Guys who really love cocktails and making them at the touch of your fingertips ,this start-up is sure winner in this segment. It is the time for the verticals in e-commerce game and verticals are surely on the way to build India’s start-up dream.Well, retail start-ups are always innovating and also define our sense of fashion same is the case with 3 mad chicks, their designs are surely a hit among many. The company are experts in Clutches , handbags , laptop bags and duffles. Their designs  are different, unique and give a sense of new avatar in the world of bags.

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Technology is changing with the emergence of 3D printing and 3D Boulevard is a driver of this whole phenomenon , the start-up 3D Boulevard are experts at 3D imaging and printing and are definitely in one of the most exciting technology space.The expo was an astounding platform where all the start-ups could interact with other Start-ups , VC’S , technology partners , fintech start-ups and even law firms.

Expos such as these create a huge ecosystem for start-ups to thrive and exercise better opportunities in the world of start-ups.Events such as these are important  to create one of the most close-knit and vibrant startup communities, putting Gurgaon not just on the national but also on the global startup map.


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