This Group Is ‘Bringing Smiles’ To Those Who Need It

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It was an eye opener for me !  I was introduced to this group a few months ago by my dear friend Vibha Khanna who is a do gooder herself. She told me about Mr Gulshan Malhotra who is helping persons with disabilities by providing wheelchairs, tricycles, clothes, medicines ,rations  and rehabilitating them.    His motto is “Help 5 to be able to live their lives respectfully, earn themselves rather than living on donations “. 

I   was also introduced to their whattsapp group and Mr Malhotra  welcomed me warmly to the group.

In the last few months I received several messages, being part of their WA   group,  but did not respond or participate in any event as I did not see anything first hand myself.

3rd December is the International Disability Day, though just another   day   for   Bringing  Smiles’  normal activities of  rehabilitating persons  with disabilities. An event was organised to distribute wheelchairs, sewing machines   and clothes to persons who had been identified by Mr Malhotra’s team who would henceforth be able to earn a livelihood for themselves.

They also gave hearing aids and Mobile phones to blind persons. There was a  starter  kit to a girl with a blind father too who couldn’t afford a dowry for her. There was even a mobile van distributing medicines to the disabled . Rations and blankets were also distributed to the disabled. 

I visited the event today to see if I could be motivated to participate in some form myself. What I saw of course left me speechless! 

Having spoken to the following three persons explains the initiative that is Bringing Smiles :

*Ramesh Chand* , 50 plus, was a guard with SBI ATM some years ago. 

His left leg was amputated when a large growth ( must have been a tumour) was found in his left leg. The doctors could not save his leg though saved his life. Mr Ramesh Chand is obviously without a job and without any means of livelihood. He had left his village in Rajasthan more than 30 years ago and has no livelihood there either.His wife tries to support them both by selling bindis bangles etc. sale of which  must be hardly of any  great monetary value. Mr Malhotra and Ms Manju  met him at the Sector 31 hospital and today he was the the proud recipient of a wheel chair with a storage box at the back. Mr Ramesh Chand is sure to have a respectable life ahead of him with this support.

*Anita Kumari*, 21 has Polio in both her legs.

 She was born a normal child but was afflicted with Polio when she was barely one. Though she hails from Bihar, she has been living in Gurgaon with her two brothers and their families. One of her sisters in law was with her at this event. She was the proud recipient of a wheelchair and a sewing machine. Mr Malhotra told me she has  successfully completed a three month course in sewing which was identified for her by his team.  Now with a brand new wheelchair and a brand new Sewing Machine, the possibilities for her are endless.

*Sandeep* is a valiant 21 year old . 

He lost his left leg to cancer way back in 2002. He was operated upon in Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.  The boy however, did not lose hope and has studied and passed Class 10. At present he lives with his brothers in Sector 21 and runs a small tea and bidi corner outside his dwelling, (perhaps a jhuggi)  With a brand new wheel chair (could be described as a tricycle or a rickshaw ) presented to him by Bringing Smiles Sandeep can make a bigger and better Tea Shop not necessarily confined to his jhuggi as he will be quite mobile now. He has also been provided with a gas hob and a well as  other accessories to help in starting off .There is a storage box attached to the vehicle for convenience . 

The sign on his wheelchair or rickshaw very appropriately read :

Main tan se viklang hoon…

Parantu kisi se kam nahin ….

Mr Gulshan Malhotra ( extreme right ) is the person behind this Initiative. 

In our yesterday’s event, we have distributed the following materials.

Tricycles……………………13 (misc) Wheelchairs(pedia & Adult) 6.

Smart mobile………………..6

Hearing aid…………………..2

Sewing m/c ………………….3

Tea & Snacks Pkg…………2

Mandir package …………..2

Choc, Bisc & Candies….. 1

Ration…………………………. 1

Blankets; 45  distributed 

Protein powder to all.

Contributed by Sheelu Puri


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