The True Gem Of Gurgaon: Sadar Bazaar Gurgaon

Sadar Bazaar Gurgaon, what? Is there really a Sadar bazaar in Gurgaon? Well yes, calm down people. We Gurgaon-ites have a Sadar Bazaar of our own and it’s quite cool! Its said that it has seen our freedom and is over a century old. Sadar Bazaar has a history of its own, with many outlets like Manchanda di kulfi(since 1950), Baljee Restaurant (1972) and the Legendary Sardar jalebi wala who has been here since 1947.

Sadar Bazaar is one such place in Gurgaon that will cater to all your needs from clothes to food, to utensils and everything you’ll be needing. It has a lot of historic building throughout the Bazaar lanes. No article can do justice to Sadar it’s an experience you will never forget. So Here is a brief on what all you can do in Sadar Bazaar Gurgaon

Shop till you drop

Sadar Bazaar Gurgaon

Sadar Bazaar is home to one of the finest clothing outlets like Deepmala, Calcutta Emporium, Ratandeep, Nagpal, Sakshi clothing and so much more. You’ll be surprised to see the variety of Ethnic and Modern casual outfits. From sarees, suits, jeans, dresses, tuxedos and what not you will find everything here. Sadar Bazar is also home to a lot of reputed Jewellers like Bombay Jewellers, Shri Ram Jewellers, Shree Giriraj Jewellers and a lot more where you will get quality for the price.

Eat everything you can

Sadar Bazaar Gurgaon

Do you like cheap street food? If yes then Sadar Bazaar is the place for you. With so many options you’ll probably get confused and might have to take several trips (which isn’t a bad idea) but if you have a day to spend here then we’ll jot down the best places for you and only you. Starting from the Oh-So-Famous Baljee Restaurant, this one is truly a gem and we are so in love with that chole bathure! Or if you’re more of a chaat person then you might love Gol gappe and the Tikki from Gupta Chat corner near Vardaman matching center (thank us later), then you can move ahead and have some chowmein at Rewari Sweets.

For Dessert, you have a lot of options you can have something at Rewari sweets or have the freshest and the best jalebis in Gurgaon ( and the world) at Sardar Jalebi wala or maybe have kulfi at the Manchanda di kulfi.

Decorate your home

Sadar Bazaar Gurgaon

Sadar Bazaar has a lot of shops wherein you will find amazing curtains, bedsheets and a lot of decor items like Laxmi decor, Bhagat Furnishers, Rohilla Foam and many more. These ones were a little on the higher end side buy if you want something really inexpensive then China Bazar kab ayega? For the super-posh people, who don’t know what China Bazaar is, then just think of it as Indian Dollar tree with literally nothing over INR 80-90.

Buy Kitchen supplies for the Master Chef in you

Sadar Bazaar Gurgaon

From microwaves to dhokla makers you are going to be surprised what all Sadar can give to you. There are several utensils shops for you to choose and bargain from, so buy that nonstick tawa you’ve been thinking of for the longest time.

Grocery Shopping

Sadar Bazaar Gurgaon

If there is something we girls enjoy more than shopping for clothes then its grocery shopping ( Food before dudes, hah!). There are a lot of grocery shops or as we like to call them Raashan ki Dukaan where you will that imported Olive oil and even the Sarson ka tel your mom loves so much! The shops where I buy all my Raashan / Grocery from is the M/s. Amar Nath Roshan Lal Pansari & Prabhati Lal Rakesh Kumar Pansari. Nutella se leke Desi ghee tak, sab milega!

There is a lot more you can do in Sadar Bazaar Gurgaon but thats for you to find out by visiting the place because we are so sure you will be loving it.

A Proud Sadar-Lover

Himani Yadav


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