Regional Flavours: The Best Places for Regional Food in Gurgaon

Food is one the best things we Gurgaon-ites love. And when it comes to that we love to experiment with various flavours and cuisines. Since the advent of Oriental and Italian flavours in the market, we have seldom found our way to the local cuisines. But believe me, there are enough and more places in the city where we get authentic Regional Indian food from various regions and that is the highlight today.
We bring you some places where you can put your palette to experiment and you would be surprised how much variety there already is around town.

Magadh & Awadh – Bihari & Awadhi

magadh awadh regional food in gurgaon

Magadh & Awadh is an endeavor to put the Bihari and awadhi cuisines on national level in the era of globalization. Although awadhi cuisines are already popular so our main focus is on cuisines of Bihar. The Founders have traveled almost all parts of India but were amazed to find miss our food everywhere even in Patna. They have tried to present the cuisines from BIHAR in more authentic form so as not to loose the originality.

During the preparation of their menu to their surprise more than 100 cuisines came to our knowledge which are exclusively from Bihar. But only one item Litti chokha is known outside Bihar. This encouraged them to execute the project so as to create positive image of Bihar. This is purely love and passion for their motherland which motivated us to initiate this project. You will find their passion in all the item from quality to presentation. During the process of finalizing their menu they have also innovated some items like machali chokha canapé which is fusion of traditional and modern food culture.

Where: SCO 396, Sector 29, Behind IIfco Chowk Metro Station
Call: 8397980021 & 9873247279

Coriander Leaf  – Mughlai


The name of the place- Coriander Leaf- spells freshness and that is what is delivered. The place makes some awesome North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. Apart from that, some Kashmiri and Lucknowi dishes are also available on the menu.
Some of the flavours that you would not be able to resist are of the butter chicken, chicken biryani, dal makhni, burra kabaab, laal maas, nihari, rista and chicken tikka. For vegetarians, you must try their bhutte ke kabab and malai broccoli. Exceptionally made and tastes delectable.
The ambience of the restaurant is good with ample natural light and the service is good as well. The staff stays on their toes and is extremely courteous.  It is an inviting place that serves liquor as well, although it is well qualified for a visit with the family. For someone who does not like to experiment with foreign cuisines, this one is a must visit.
Where: Ground Floor, Vatika Triangle, Sushant Lok 1, Behind DT City Center, MG Road, Gurgaon
Call: 0124 4062121, +91 9871314132

Tau’s Café & Lassi Bar – Haryanvi


A small restaurant arranged in the authentic Haryanvi setting, this place serves some basic snacks and tea/coffee. It is more of a café in the authentic setting. So what you can expect is some basic home style cooked food but it is tasty to say the least. Sometimes it is best to have normal comfort food that reminds you of home, especially for people who are working miles away from their native place here in Gurgaon.
The best snack that you can order it their tava aaloo chaat which is appropriately spicy and very enjoyable. Apart from the regular daal, roti and subzi it is their masala chai that helps you bind it all together in a wonderful flavor. So if you want to have home cooked food while being out of home, this is place you would want to try.maach bhaat
Where: 13, Ground Floor, Ansal Plaza Mall, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon
Call: 0124 410 6908 

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant  – Rajasthani & Gujrati


If you would like to get the flavor of Gujrati/Rajasthani food then this is a place you can get that. I strongly believe that we in the North do not have a palette for Rajasthani/Gujrati food and therefore, there could be some dishes on the menu that are not to your liking. But fret not, this is a place where you get unlimited food per thali for a person, so if there is something on the menu that does not sound appetizing, you can safely give it a miss.
The food is served by servers who rain one after the other dishes that they are usually not keen on explaining, but some of the dishes like basoondi, dhokla, dal-bati are quite delectable. I am sure, if you opt the Rajasthai or Gujrati counter anywhere in Dilli Haat or at Kingdom of Dreams, you would find better flavor but if not, then this is a place you would want to enjoy the food from that part of the country.
Where: 3rd Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon
Call: 0124 4379001

Ki Hangla -Bengali


Again, a Bengali food place that offers some of the exclusive dishes from Bengal. For fish lovers this is the place to be at. Located in a small place at Supermart, tis smart, hospitable and friendly place serves Dhakai Fish Tikk, Kosha Mangsho, Chicken Bharta and some amazing rolls like the Double Chicken Roll and Double Egg Double Mutton Roll. Starters like Shukto, Dimer Devil and Dhakai Fish Tikka are amazing and Mutton Kasha with Luchi, Bhetki Sorshe with rice and Ilish Bhapa with rice for mains make for a wholesome meal. Because they have pictures of the most of the items on the menu, it is not tough selecting a dish to your liking.
The décor is simple and unpretentious and does not daunt you like the other restaurants. Chic furnishings and wall paininting and engravings give a quaint look tot eh place. In comparison to Oh! Calcutta at Cyber Hub this is easy on your pocket too.
Where: A 201 & B 101, Supermart 1, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon
Call: 9717955956, 0124 4007822

Zambar – Coastal


Zambar serves some very delectable Coastal cuisine and for sure there is nothing to be disappointed about. Especially who like Southern flavours on their fish and sea food. The place serves fresh seafood, beautiful cooked curries with cocunut milk and dried chilli amongst other spices. The ambience is very contemporary and does not look like any other South Indian restaurant. Plus the whiff of the cooked fish fills the air which is not too overwhelming. But if you want to avoid that they have an outdoor seating as well.
Some of the best dishes that they serve are Mutton Sukka, Achamma’s Lamb Curry and Appam, Gun Powder Prawns and Tamil Nadu Fish Curry. They also have a buffet where choices are ample and not just the regular idlis, vads et all that are expected from a South Indian restaurant. The service is quick and efficient too. Well, for all this the cost is on a higher side, but the quality is exquisite. Do visit!
Where: 19, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
Call: 0124 4948554, +91 8130450438

Soda Bottle Openerwala – Parsi


I am totally a fan of Parsi food. I have tasted some really authentic tasty Parsi food in Mumbai and you bet nothing in the world can compare to that experience.  But Soda Bottle Openerwala comes pretty close replete with the décor and the carefully manufactured design of the restaurant. Just for that experience, do visit this place. But worry not, because the food is very nice too.
Let’s get with the drinks first because they are served in some really cute bottles and glasses, very creative indeed. Even the starters are served in aluminum containers giving that authentic feel. If you are ordering the Iranian chai then that is served in the cutting glass too. The food is great and you must try the berry pulav, for sure. Also pav with chicken roll is exceptional. The service is a bit slow but everything else is an experience in itself. Since this is the only (known) parsi joint, I would highly recommend it.
Where: 3, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
Call: 0124 6518801, 8527636633

Dhaba by Claridges  – Punjabi

dhaba by claridges

How tough is it to get the Punjabi flavours right, you might say! I would say, well, not too much but it does take some really skilled chefs to present simple food that tastes heavenly and looks gourmet. Well, Dhaba by Claridges is just that. The ambience is lovely with the Punjabi feel, the colors used in the décor and the trademark truck. Beautiful!
The menu spells authentic Punjabi food and there is hardly anything in there that you must not have tasted before so there is no room for any experimentation, but the taste varies. I have not had a tastier Dal Makhni elsewhere for a very long time. So when I am talking about food, the dishes are loaded with the flavours synonymous with the happy faces you find in Punjab. An ideal place to hang around with your friends family, colleagues and if your expat friends want a desi flavor this is the place you would want to take them to.
Where: 1st Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
Call: 8527900779

Biryani Blues – Hyderabadi


Biryani is that comfort food that fills your heart with delight and your stomach with satiation. Among the different kinds of biryani, it is the Hyderabadi biryani that is surely a forerunner. If you want to have the flavor of authentic Hyderabadi Biryani, then this is a place you would find it. Though mutton biryani makes for a definite option, it is the chicken biryani here that takes all the credit. Chicken 65 is a must try, for sure. For vegetarians this may not be one of the best bet, but the aroma of the rice and veggies is worth your buck. The Salan that accompanies the food is strikingly delicious. It just takes the flavours of the biryani a notch higher.
The service here is quick and the staff is courteous. With a nice ambience to offer, this safely one of the best biryani points in Gurgaon where you don’t feel your pocket pinched.
Where: B 202 & 203 Upper Ground Floor, Supermart 1, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon
Where: SCO 89, HUDA Market, Ground Floor, Sector 22, Gurugram
Call: 8010801000, 0124 4210778 

Leaping Caravan – (Delivery Only) North Indian, Lucknowi and Bengali food

leaping caravan

This is a takeaway/delivery joint but we had to mention it here since it is rare that a mix of cuisines as contrasting as they offer is delivered by any restaurant. They offer North Indian, Lucknowi and Bengali food and that’s what is so striking about them. Not only is the food delicious but their service is prompt and timely as well. The food is packed with proper labels for you to identify, so that is obviously very convenient.
The kebabs are scrumptious and just a double helping of the same would not suffice, usually. So do mind to order extra.  Heera mandi ke shami kebab and dahi ke kebab stand out completely. In the mains, their chicken dishes like Chicken Railway, Chicken Korma, Butter Chicken, Chicken dima roll are excellent. Even the breads like butter naan, rotis and ghee shakkar roti are packed so nicely that they taste absolutely fresh. For vegetarians Dal Makhni, Lahori Daal, Paneer Tikka , Paneer Makhni, Paneer Bhurji all are quite good. When you are in no mood to step out and want a little pampering then this is a place to ring.
Where: 1646, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon
Call: 090151 41688

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