These Cocktail Bars In Gurgaon Are Mixology At Best!

It seems that the days of drinking straight drinks, or on the rocks; or even drinking mead from a barrel, have flown out of the window. We have no entered a phase where your drink should be a spectacle in itself; the art behind making it should “wow” us, and the end product should be Instagram worthy as well as taste incredible. While we do go out for great food, fun ambiance, it is usually the spectacular cocktails that have us floored by the end of the night. I can safely say, that it has happened to me a few times, and will probably happen again. So here are some of my picks for the best cocktail bars in Gurgaon.

Together At 12th

best cocktail bars in Gurgaon

The warm and breezy cheerfulness about Together at 12th is exuded on the walls, as part of the decor and choice of music, and of course, in the carefully-crafted food and drinks menu. The cocktails take inspiration from significant moments like your first date, the times of train journeys, reunions or coffee breaks in between work.

Where: 12th Floor, Le Meridien Hotel, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Sector 26, Gurgaon

Call: 9015359359

Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy

best cocktail bars in Gurgaon

Hands down the best cocktail bar in Gurgaon, while they have a set menu that is brilliant; it is the ability to go off the menu that makes them that much more special. Do try the monkey gland, contrary to the name it’s actually a smooth drink, that you can drink all night long….Lean on Green with Green apple, Kiwi and lime Ciroc cocktail is what you may want to lean on!  or the Mighty Mug.…Jack Daniel’s, roasted sweet corn homemade Banana liqueur and Caramel syrup, anyone? Difficult to choose! The rest of the line up is just as intriguing!

Where: SCO 23, Behind Galaxy Hotel, Sector 15, Gurgaon
Call: 9810999086

Factory By Sutra

best cocktail bars in Gurgaon

A great place to go with your friends for a night out, the cocktails and the home brews are absolutely brilliant; but what makes this place stand out are the antics of their head mixologist. I had the pleasure of having my drinks made by Praveen Joshi and I can safely say, he has some of the best mixing hands in Gurgaon. Their Espresso Martini, the Paan-Tini and the Factory Reactor.….are sure shot elevators!

Where: SCO 23, Main Market, Sector 29, Gurgaon
Call: 9205249700

Drunken Botanist

best cocktail bars in Gurgaon
This place surprised me with their selection of cocktails, needless to say any place that has a Campari cocktail is a place I tend to visit. The Drunken Botanist, however, has a Campari cocktail worth coming back for over and over again. Their other signature cocktails are also fantastic blends with a great balance, this is a place worth visiting. Try the Green Tea Highball...This Gin based cocktail is a home brewed green tea, with botanicals and a dash of soda concoction, which is served in a high ball, their Botanist Dates Julep, a peculiar mix of Irish Whisky, Dates puree, Sage and mint topped with cracked ice and Mysore Colada.…yes, it is Pina Colada meeting Coffee…Innovative!

Where: Unit 1B&1C, Upper Ground Floor-C, Building 10C, Cyber Hub, Dlf Cyber City, Gurgaon
Call: 01133106427

Pra Pra Prank

best cocktail bars in Gurgaon

While we loved the Prankster cocktail, Pra Pra Prank seems to have elevated that level once again. Their takes on classic cocktails make a masterpiece of the normal drinks we usually have when we go out. So you get the taste you love, with a completely new outlook on the presentation. Their Moscow Mule is a vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice infused cocktail, garnished with a slice or wedge of lime…or opt for the Vodka, Gin and Tequila with a hint of Elder Flower cocktail Elder Cellin for that tip of the tongue taste!

Where: Shop 24, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, Sector 24, Dlf Cyber City, Gurgaon
Call: 9599965282

Cyber Hub Socialbest cocktail bars in Gurgaon

The undisputed king of the reasonably priced cocktails in NCR, the menu has been curated expertly by their Bar Manager; and it shows. Their cocktails are simple, yet quirky and uniquely presented making them the best cocktail bar when you want great cocktails without setting your wallet ablaze. Select from their Twisted Classics menu that are served with a little bit of….well….twist! Their Loaded Goti Soda menu is desi inspired  and interesting!

Where: Shop No. 4A, Ground Floor, DLF Cyber Hub, Tower – 8C, Gurgaon
Call: 7838045182

Whisky Samba

best cocktail bars in Gurgaon

You didn’t really think we had forgotten about the trendsetting Whisky Samba, did you? They have revolutionised the way we drink whisky in the National Capital Region; but apart from that they have also changed the way in which we drink Whisky Cocktails. I had the pleasure of being served by Adnan Samar; and he made me some beautifully crafted and completely customized cocktails. If you do visit, do ask for him, he was super pleasant and ever eager to please with this magical cocktail making hands. Choose from the Whisky cocktails…Absinthe but Present, Old Flame, Mr. Spice and Nice, A Whiff of Him.…if the names get you high…try the real thing!

Where: Plaza Level, Two Horizon Center, Gold Course Road, Gurgaon
Call: 9811801682

Raise The Bar

best cocktail bars in Gurgaon

Raise The Bar is the place for boozy cocktails, freshly brewed beer and entirely view of Gurgaon City. Themed, the cocktail menu is interesting….listed as Raise to The Gardens of England, bringing the blooming England to drinks, Raise To America In The 1920s, elegance of New York in the era, Raise To The Amazon RainForest, flavours from the forest of the area, Raise To The Himalayas, tastes of the mysterious mountains and Raise To Classics. Bitter, zesty and smoky all flavours working individually and coming together as a whole as well. Coffee martini – a coffee and vodka based drink  is lovely. Cocktails here are not just tasty but had a definite kick that set in after a couple of drinks.

Where: 6th Floor Plot No. 363, Sector-29, Sector 29,, Gurgaon

Call: 08447758643

So there you have it, six places that serve the most unique and best tasting cocktails of Gurgaon. How many have you tried? Also what is your favourite cocktail? Let us know in the comments section below; but do it before you go drinking cocktails.

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