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BERSH By Artz & Draftz Is Creating Spaces, We Promise You’d Never Want To Leave!

January 21, 2020

Some people look for a beautiful place... others make their place beautiful! Life is stressful.... a good reason why your space should be anything but mundane. Being house proud myself, the enthusiasm and the urge to upgrade my home has never been enough. Been wary of purchasing over-priced decor, my search for a place that would take care of all my challenging demands, stood stalled. After much deliberation, my work led me to just the place I was exhaustively scouring for.... Situated in the M3M Urbana complex, Golf Course extension road, BERSH is your one-stop shop for all the interior design and renovation solutions.

Radhika & Rohit Mann

BERSH literally translates to balance and harmony. The brainchild of interior designer Radhika Mann and Rohit Mann, the meaning is a true representation of what the spaces created by them entail. With Radhika's 16 year of experience in the field as a MSc in Interior designing, HOD for Interior designing in JD institute @ Hauz Khas, Delhi and visiting faculty for Ansal and GD Goenka colleges in Gurgaon, a visit to the studio is all I needed to validate their sense of style and design. From turnkey projects and individual homes to commercial spaces and exhibitions, they boast of an impressive list of clientele... and an even more impressive work trail. But what makes them stand apart from the rest? What all do they do? .... Or better still, what do they not do?

BERSH Studio

In-house Designers and Architects- Your space must be a reflection of you, shouldn't it? Their certified team of in-house designers, bring forth their detailed approach to customise design ideas and aesthetics resonating with your tastes, to bring your personal touch to the space that they create.

Terrace/ Balcony by BERSH

As Simple as that- Talk to their designers and discuss your requirements, Get custom 3d visualisations to finalise your designs, Professionally supervised implementation and Sign off on the work and enjoy your new space! And what more? They handhold you through shopping for your space. It's just that simple.

Living Room by BERSH

Vaastu compliance- Their expertise does a lot more than just spruce up your space. They zero in on the carefully created assortments of furniture and accessories and the placings based on Vaastu that will not only suit your space but also fulfil your dream and budget.

Bedroom by BERSH

Well within your reach- Swatting the myth that luxury must be costly, BERSH is here to save you from shelling out beyond your comfort. If the pocket pinch is stopping you from plush living, they will extend cost effective solutions across residential, offices, showrooms, restaurants, hotels and other exhibition areas, without leaving you with the expense aftermath.

Office Space by BERSH

Restore what you want, how you want- BERSH is not your run of the mill interior design studio by virtue of them not being restricted to vying for large commercial establishments.... they create as per your requirement, including individual rooms of your home and office.

Furniture by BERSH

If only your furniture needs a trendy makeover, at BERSH, they customise every piece as per your area and colour preferences, so your furniture speaks for you!

Walk-in Wardrobe by BERSH

Not just rooms- A walk in wardrobe or a state of the art kitchen, is anyone's dream! Even if you're planning to lease out your space, refurbishing to get the full value in rent, is a good rule to follow. BERSH has some of the swankiest, productive and dapper kitchen and wardrobe solutions to their name.

Powder Room by BERSH

One Stop Shop- The one thing that is most exhausting when doing or re-doing a space, is the chase for service providers, from plumbing, carpentry or electricals, and the stress of bringing completion. BERSH comes well endowed with a team of reliable service renders to make sure you sit back and enjoy the luxury of seeing your place transform!

Kitchen by BERSH

You're just a phone call away from having the house or workspace of your dreams... Give the old-school warmth a twist.
Bring the BERSH to your spaces!

Where: M3M Urbana, R4-131, Golf Course Extension Road, Sector 67, Gurgaon

Call: 9811700495, 9811695949


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