Think Inside The Box As Bento by En Gurgaon Brings Japanese, Chinese & Sushi Cuisines To Your Doorstep!

There is something about comfort food that puts you at ease instantly…. and that is why ‘comfort food’, right? Bento boxes are the ‘in’ thing happening in the city! With corporates, PGs and start ups in every nook and corner, the food delivery biz has garnered momentum. Put comfort food in healthy, fresh bento boxes….. and you’ve got Bento By En! Bento By En is your safe bet to experience the wonders of Japanese, Chinese & sushi cuisines…. An oriental cuisine delivery, a subsidiary of the premium luxury Japanese brand “EN”.

Recently opened it’s doors at Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, Bento By En is the newbie place on the block that has caught our fancy…. and experience we did! A work day, an enthusiastic team and delectable Bento….. is what our Wednesday afternoon was! For 12 team mates, came fresh, clean and hot Bento by En boxes with lavish flavours of donburi bowls, Thin Crust pizzas, Dimsums & sushi rolls! A delicious menu that is made to impress one and all.

Let’s Roll ’em!

When it’s Pan Asian, Japanese rolls are inevitably on the menu…. a beautiful blend of flavours, ingredients and goodness literally wrapped into one, you can actually taste each and every flavour on your palate and savour it—whether chicken, fish or vegetables. 

Prawn Tempura Roll

Think Prawn Tempura Rolls? Think uber Jap feast…. consisting of Tempura fried prawn, mayo, teriyaki & tempura crispy, that spelt just one word…. divine!

Crispy Vegetarian Golden Crushed Roll

Giving this Prawn delight stiff competition were the Crispy Vegetarian Golden Crushed Roll with crispy fried shredded vegetables served with teriyaki & mayo and their California Rolls, the classic staple Japanese rolls with classic crab stick, avocado and tobiko. One bite into the crisp and it’s got you! One of the best Vegetarian rolls I can raise a hand to!

Bento by En

But what took the cake was the Non Vegetarian Roll Platter which was a superlative amalgamation of Spicy Salmon Roll, Chicken Tatsuta-age Roll, Tekka Maki and California roll! Now, for a Pan Asian food freak like me, this was my haven!

‘Bowl’ing The Donburi Over!

Bring all your favourite flavours together in one appetising bowl…. and you got a delectable full meal! Sufficient, well flavoured and sumptuous, is what aptly sums up the bowl or donburi meals at Bento by En.

Chicken Bowl

Our pick for the bowl was Kung Pao Chicken Bowl with exclusive flavours of Stir fried chicken with smoked chilies and roasted peanuts served with flat noodles. The tad bit of spiciness, brought the Chinese flavour beautifully. A meal just right for the hungry belly without overdoing the portion! A meal with zeal!

Do the Bento!

At Bento by En, they believe all things are best kept simple. Thinking inside the box, the bento box that is… is making food you love, and doing it the right way.

Veg Kung Pao Bento

Their freshly made and packed Veg Kung Pao Bento came with Veg spring roll, veg dimsums, kung pao veg, veg fried rice and dessert of the day…. could it have been any more complete?

Who says Vegetarian is boring? Not at Bento by En! Their Veg Manchurian Bento is a little box of pleasant mix of spring roll, veg dimsums, veg noodles, veg manchurian, soup and dessert of the day. The fabulous meal deal!

Buta Kakuni Bento

The Buta Kakuni Bento went a step further in carefully experimenting flavours of the braised pork belly, braised vegetables, salad, dashmaki tamago, rice and miso soup, easily blending into each other!

Some Dimsum?

Who can say no to Dimsum? And when it is delivered hot and fresh, you have got to dive right into them! Bento by En has concocted and brought the most piquant Dimsums to town.

Their Mix Vegetable Dimsum stuffed with Bamboo shoot, mushroom, carrot, broccoli, miso paste and green onion and Veg Kothe Dimsum rolled out of fine chopped assorted vegetable with cottage cheese, are just the kinds that won’t let you stop at one!

Pizzas…. Aha!

Chicken Karaage Pizza

Bento By En doesn’t confine itself to the mundane…. they have created some superlative pizzas a la Oriental style! Chicken Karaage Pizza comes topped generously with Mozarella and Fried chicken, onion & jalapeno sauces. One crunchy bite into the chicken, and you’re on your way to binging!

Four Cheese Pizza

Their Four Cheese Pizza is what deserves an ovation for being the most luscious Cream cheese , cheddar, ricotta & mozerella topped pizza….. for the times when diet debauchery is on the cards! It’s totally worth it!

… And Some More

Chicken Tatsuta-Age

For the times you crave for delish…. yet care to watch the portion, Chicken Tatsuta-Age is an option you could pick, sinking your teeth into Crispy fried corn fed chicken marinated with soya… and believe you me, you won’t be stopping at ordering just once! But if you’re hoping for something a tad bit spicier, Diced Chicken with Chili and Pepper will quench the craving!

One, Two….. Three For The Desserts

Baked Cheese Cake

No meal is complete without a dash of sweet delight…. right? We got a taste of their absolutely next to perfect Baked Cheese Cake. Think melt in the mouth? Go for this one!

Bento by En Style Gateau Chocolate

If your sweet tooth works overtime, Bento by En Style Gateau Chocolate is pure luxury un chocolat, Sinfully chocolate….. true indulgence of a chocolate lover!

Why Bento By En? It’s Simple…

Bento by En offers more than just packed food. The essence of the brand conveys only one message- pure indulgence in quality, timeliness and health….. Here’s why Bento by En is slated to stand apart….

  • Be sure that besides being delicious all of the ingredients that they’re using for preparing dishes are fresh and absolutely healthy for you!
  • Besides cooking and serving a wide range of well-known Japanese, Chinese dishes, they also focus on introducing the Westerners to all of the range of meals.
  • They have an extensive range of traditional Japanese, Chinese Cuisine, which includes all the traditional food items of these countries.
  • If it’s delivered hot and fresh.… you’ve got to have it hot and fresh!
  • They won’t make you wait more than the promised time.

Bento by En concept takes a fresh approach to classic Pan-Asian dishes. By concept and design, Bento by En creates an inviting, sleek, and friendly dining experience. Excite your spirit with such ultimate savours today!

Where: 555, Udyog Vihar Phase V, Phase V, Udyog Vihar, Sector 19, Gurgaon

Call: 8826297103, 8826297104


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