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When Arun Varma, Krishna Varma and Nijish Nair started out with their food trucks in Bangalore in 2015, little did they anticipate that the reduction in the size of their vehicle would lead to increase in their popularity and take the city by rage! AND HOW! After the food truck and food car rage, its time for Gurgaon to get on a BBQ Bike Ride with these dudes!

BBQ bike

Yes people, the BBQ Ride India, as they call themselves, is hitting the Millenium city!  Find them at Good Earth city Centre and Sector 29!

As Arun says “The food truck fad started a couple of years ago in Bangalore. The number of food trucks grew to 100 within a short span of time. We started our food truck business in 2015, but due to lack of space for parking, the business reached a point where we started looking for innovative ways to capture the market. That’s when we came up with the idea of using bikes instead of trucks and we haven’t looked back since. ”

BBQ bike rideThis innovatve transformation of the Royal Enfield bike has caught the eyes of investors and hoteliers alike, and i must admit, mine too!  After fabricating two bikes – a 500 cc Royal Enfield and a Royal Enfield Classic 350 cc Bullet – into mobile barbeque food stands, they settled for the 350 cc model, with lesser thump, for taking their business all over India.

The 22-year-old already owns a food truck business along with his brother Krishna, a year younger. They operate three trucks and a Nano converted into an ice cream car. Parking constraints led them to create a mobile food carrier that not only looks cool, it is the best kind of resourcefulness. As tempted as i am to get a mouthful of their delicious grills, i am more fascinated by the concept!

Yeh dosti! ,The inspiration!

bbq ride

“As space was at a premium on the city’s streets, Arun hit upon the idea of fabricating a two-wheeler with a sidecar that would have a grill and a tava. We saw the movie Sholay and realised that if a sidecar (in the movie) could carry a 90 kg person, it could easily be converted into a grill,” says Krishna.

The custom-made Royal Enfield bike is equipped with everything they need to cook and serve, such as a gas cylinder, storage units, a barbeque pit and even foldable tables

Whats On The Menu?

BBQ rideThe brothers cater to 60-70 customers per bike every day. Their menu includes delicious delicacies like slow-cooked lamb chops, smoky Greek garlic chicken, barbeque drumsticks, juicy barbeque burgers, barbeque wraps, barbeque rolls, chicken and barbeque wings, hot dogs, grilled pineapple wedges and grilled mushroom sticks.

“As we offer only continental food, we cannot afford to have separate non-veg and veg bikes at the same spot. It’s like Anglo-Indian cuisine – all versions of it will come from the same BBQ spit and tava,” says Krishna, acutely aware of customers’ sensibilities for “strictly vegetarian food” grilled on veg-only BBQs and tavas.” Adds Krishna.

BBQ ride

Having 13 franchises in their hat, 10 running and 3 coming soon, these guys are just around the corner from creating a buzz!

Well, I cant keep calm about the idea of having my grill on the bike, while these guys strum on their guitar! Street music with street food? Just my kind of setting, I’M GAME!


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