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Automen – Car Servicing Right at Your Doorstep

June 30, 2017

Cars have made our lives a lot easier, but maintaining these four wheeled companions requires a great deal of effort. The vehicles need to be serviced, pampered and cared for. In today’s fast paced life, taking the time out and driving to the service centers could be tiresome. Fortunately, for us, there is Automen, a unique, service that offers doorstep car servicing across Delhi and Gurgaon. The beauty of this service is that it is NOT a pick-and-drop service but an actual ‘Doorstep Service’. Yes you read that right, the Automen team not only services your car at your doorstep within 90 minutes but it also does not cost you a fortune to avail this service. Automen’s doorstep car service gives your car the same care and attention that you can expect at a professional car service station.

Automen Gurgaon

Automen – These Men Care For Your Auto (Mobile) As Much As You Do!

Quick, Convenient and Hassle Free

Leading the fast paced lives that we do, people are often pressed for time, let alone finding time to get their cars serviced. Getting your car serviced either requires one to take a day off work or waste your precious Sunday. Luckily there is a solution – Automen helps you save time and allows you to get your car serviced from the comfort of your home. Book an Automen Pitstop on a convenient date and time and their service team will come to your doorstepin a fully equipped service van. All you need to do is to hand over the keys, sit back and chill. In less than two hours they will have your car spruced up and running. It’s that easy and quick.

Complete Transparency

The fact that Automen come to your designated location means there is complete transparency in the process. One can keep a hawk’s eye on them. They provide only genuine spare parts and engine fluids. Since they come to your location, there’s no chance of any hanky-panky business which as we know is prevalent in the automobile industry.

Automen Gurgaon


Delight Yourself With Efficiency and Affordability!

The thought of availing a car service at your doorstep in itself is fascinating, coupled with latest tools and equipment’s and affordable pricing make this service irresistible. In the Luxury car segment their services are 30% cheaper than the dealership. Whether you drive a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar or a Porsche, Automen services all luxury cars using advanced computer diagnostics.

Automen Gurgaon

What Do They Offer?

Automen follows manufacture recommended guidelines while servicing your car and can deal with almost everything that can hinder with your car’s drivability.

  • They take your car for a 25 point road-test to know your car inside out. This helps them investigate which parts meet standards, need adjustment or require workshop repair so that you are on top of the needs of your car.
  • Their experts make sure that all vital parts such as engine oil, filters, brake pads, spark plugs, belts and battery are replaced at the right time.
  • Every service includes an interior vacuum and a high pressure steam wash giving you the same professional cleaning without leaving a mess.
  • From getting your car dry cleaned, vacuumed to waxing or replacing damaged parts, they provide every service to pamper your car. 

So if you don’t want to be carless for the entire day and not ruin your day off, just call these guys and they’ll make your life a lot easier!

Contact Details:
Speak to their team on 8010696969

FB/ Instagram/ Twitter: @automenindia


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