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Loved that taste but forgot the place?? Know the event but don't know the date?? Friends are home and you don't know where to roam?? Don't worry!!! whatsupgurgaon.in is the ultimate potpourri of event...

June 23, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

Enjoy Mughlai Food in INR 500 in Gurgaon

North Indian food fought the frontiers and took off far and wide and is the most popular cuisine from India even abroad. Amongst the North Indian fare, it is the Mughlai food blend that made it to the top not just in India and everywhere else as well.  With the growing demand in eating out, […]

June 2, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

Quit Kindle & Rekindle Book Love At The Best Book Stores In Gurgaon

Books are a man’s best friend. And, you thought the dogs are? Well, that is true as well. But, with books you not just find a companion, you also get transitioned to a wonderland- a land of butterflies and castles, spirits and demons, adventures and romance. Books make for wholesome entertainment! With the advent of […]

May 17, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

The Best Online Yoga Classes In Gurgaon

Yoga, among all forms of exercises, is the most beneficial across all age groups right from toddlers to senior citizens. It can be pursued from the comfort of your home at your own pace. These days there are many yoga studios doing brisk business in town. Ever wondered why this sudden surge in interest in […]

April 14, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

Best Affordable Dinner Buffets in Gurgaon

Foodie in G town….hear ye! Many restaurants and food places are luring patrons with great deals, food quality and pocket friendly options. And with Gurgaon emerging as the best food destination in Delhi NCR, we are spoilt for choice! That’s not it……there’s food for all and all for food, keeping the quality intact! We bring […]

March 10, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

Ladies Night In Gurgaon … Best Venues all around the Week!!

All the ladies in the city, Put your party shoes on! You don’t have to wait for the weekend anymore to go out with your female folks, as Gurgaon’s party circuit is getting hotter with countless bars and lounges hosting ladies night on different days of the week. These days Girls Or Ladies Night in […]

March 4, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

These Pet Care & Veterinary Clinics in Gurgaon Are All About Loving Your Pets

Is your pet unwell? Or, does he or she needs special care? In Gurgaon, there are multiple veterinary clinics where you can seek not just medical assistance for your pets but also ensure their grooming and food is well taken care of. There are so many specialized hospitals in town that keep the welfare of […]

March 3, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

Best Wedding Caterers In Gurgaon… Good Food Makes Lasting Memories!

Be it wedding, birthday party, a get together or any festive function, what’s the one thing in common??? That’s Food!! Yes food is the one thing that people look out for in all the social Gatherings or parties, rather it won’t be wrong to say that food is the show stopper of all the parties. […]

February 27, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

Wholesome Parathas in Gurgaon Everyone Should Definitely Try!

North Indian food spells a sort of comfort for us Gurgaonites simple because it smells of home. The various dishes that simmer on the burner draw us to the whiff of the multi-layered flavours. One such staple is The Paratha! There is no North Indian home that does not thrive on this preparation, plain or […]

February 25, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

The Long & Short of Maids: Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them!!

One day our beloved maid doesn’t show up in the morning or our maid has extended her annual trip and will be away for an extra 5 days and thats it!!! All hell breaks loose. Its worse than being hit by a Tsunami or meeting with a head-on car crash.O god!!! Any punishment is good […]

February 25, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

Best Italian Restaurants in Gurgaon… Buon appetito!

When you think of Italian, you instantly think of Pizza! Well, surprisingly that’s not all that Italian cuisine is about, even though it’s the most popular. Italian flavours are subtle but rich, simple but elegant, strong but light and that’s exactly what makes it one of the most popular cuisines for the Indian palette. Italian […]

February 19, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

An Amazing Shopping Hub: Good Earth City Centre, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Situated in front of Malibu Towne in Gurgaon, Sector 50; Good Earth City Centre is the new buzz in town. Spread over 2.7 acres and having shops across 3 floors, the new address in town is already picking up and we already have parking woes. We can see cars parked on the roads which are […]

February 15, 2020

What's Up Gurgaon

The Best Paediatricians in Gurgaon To Make Your World Kids Friendly

If your paediatrician is available on phone in emergencies and is patient to listen to what may appear silly and if his investigations follow in time & doesn’t medicate your child unnecessarily, think that your job to find one is done. It may seem easy, but finding such God-sent Doctor for your child in Gurgaon […]