Thali By Day, Batli By Night & Drinks That Spell ‘Genius’- Ardor 29 Is The Bug To Be Bitten By!

Most things in life are regular… for everything else, head to Ardor 29! Read on to believe….

There are few experiences that leave you awe struck. Gurgaon, I felt had overplayed it’s part as the gastronomy hub, with innovative menu and themes…. but wait…. there was another thought coming up! And that happened as quickly as the thought “what more” struck. It is the new bug in town called Ardor 29, Brewpub and Terrace, Sector 29 Gurgaon, that has Gurgaonites thronging!

Catchy menu design, quirky names that bring you to a near awe striking situation…. Genius, I say! Ardor 29 is a genius cafe, serving Thalis by the day and Batli by night, the dishes, the menu and the presentation, stating just that…. Genius! Because Genius people do only what is needed in this world and in order to be a genius, you need to be a little more…. ‘Vella’, a little more free! If you’re from the quirky yet nerdy school of thought, this is your rendezvous!

The concept, caught my curiosity as I stepped up to the place on the first floor, the staircase way to the place displaying bits of the menu, preparing you for what was to come…. the Big Bang Theory isn’t a fable, after all! The menu design sets the tone of what entails within it…. This is probably the only time when I saw myself avidly, scouring through the witty drink and food menu! From Maha gathbandhan (Veg platter), Annt bhala toh sab bhala (Desserts), Pakka Jugaad (Main course platter), Modi ji’s World Cabinet Thali to Mahasagar ke Sholey (seafood)…. the menu ranges from Pani puri to Dim sums to Sizzlers….. pure genius!

ardor 29
The Summer Beer

Ushered in warmly by Mr. Amit Chaudhary, manager at Ardor 29, my tryst began. On his suggestion, I began with their Vellapanti Cocktails... and their most hot selling, innovative cocktail- The Summer Beer! Apart from being India’s 1st female beer, it spelt smooth, sweet, yet untamed just like the essence of a woman…. you cherish her, but never mess with her… and of course, the recipe is a secret!

Soch kahin bhi aa sakti hai’

And since ‘Soch kahin bhi aa sakti hai’…. true that, so this crispy Roomali roti in a Nacho ‘avtaar’, topped with Nutri and Tartar, and Mexican salsa on the side….. was cross dressing at it’s best! Served in a quirky wash basin, another story that I couldn’t stop at just a few…

Ardor 29
‘Aaj Manu Bhai Chivas Pilayega’

But what do you do when ‘Aaj Manu Bhai Chivas Pilayega’? You drink it up…. This Scotch based cocktail with the most delish flavour of exotic Amoretto (Almond flavoured mix), is what I would pick for the days I don’t want to be disappointed… so says a complete no-Scotch drinker like me!

Marshal Matar Kulcha

Their Marshal Matar Kulcha, was the perfect balance to alternate between drinks….. because ‘Marshal kabhi wrong nahi hota’! Served in a secret sliding box, the Kulcha came in the crispiest garb… the matar… smoothest mash!

Modi vs Mamta

While I concentrated on the live screening of the clash between India and New Zealand, another clash was served to me. When it’s ‘Modi vs Mamta’, it’s is inevitable, isn’t it? Modi vs Mamta is their dual cocktail combo, served as Modi, a heady but sweet, smooth mix of JD and honey… and Mamta, smoky whisky based, infused with exotic juices…. sour overpowering the sweet…


Before you judge my capacity with drinks…. they were easy as smooth! 6th in line was ‘Che’ (number 6)…. unintentional, but apt! A well emulsified refreshing drink with an idiosyncratic presentation in Vodka , Kiwi, Litchi , Egg white , Lime water and Lime juice. Sweet, light and comfortable! High on the right side…

I must confess, all that did make feel like a ‘pari’…. with such ardent hospitality shown and every dish presentation explained. Would it be a pun if I told you I was served ‘Pari hoon main- Para hoon main’? Maybe, but this Oats coated fish with fries, did the trick…. served with Tartar sauce, this treat came out of another out of the box, ‘dresser like’ presentation!

DIY (Do It Yourself) Shwarma

Full to the brim… but not in the heart still…. ”the last but not the least’ dish was DIY (Do It Yourself) Shwarma, because a genius does what is needed, right? Yet another creative thought, the dish was served in an iron! Pita and sides including- Hummus, Baba Ghanoush and Tartar, with succulent chicken chunks on sticks, this was probably the Epilogue to this bizarrely fulfilling array!

Whoever said appearances are deceptive, obviously got on to the wrong side of things. Nerdy, Geeky, Quirky….. or just plain and simple…. free… Ardor 29’s got the Genius vibes throughout.

My verdict? When you start right, you’ve got it! Presentation, hospitality, taste…. Ardor 29’s definitely got on my ‘encore’ list!

Where: SCO 25, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Call: 09810037437


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