Amaltas Spa at Anya Hotel- An amazing Experience!!

My Visit to the Amaltas Spa, located in Hotel Anya, was deeply energising. Their USP is the use of the famous L’occitane products (from France) for all skin therapies.  Though there was some miscommunication about the appointments initially, it was soon dealt with.

As one enters the Spa you are greeted with soothing interiors especially designed by Sandeep Khosla. The colour play of light yellow and cream is beautifully offset by the lights creating a relaxing atmosphere and gives the place a Mediterranean vibe. The interiors are at par with any 5 star hotel spa. And the plus point is that they are not as expensive. The display of La’occitane products has the place of pride and one can’t help but notice them.

amaltas spa anya hotel


Their menu is very comprehensive and all encompasses everything from full body massages, to manicure, pedicure and even facials. It also includes various body wraps which help in nourishing and firming of the body. If one is suffering from localised pain then they can avail of their area specific treatments. These include treatments for eyes, back, shoulders, head and neck and feet. Clients are asked to fill a form before beginning any procedure. To our satisfaction, the staff actually diligently went through the form and special attention was given to the issues mentioned therein.

The staff was cordial and well trained. The herbal tea served was light and appeasing. I enjoyed the neck and shoulder massage. The herbal oils used were lightly fragrant and were not over powering. The pillow mist helps one relax sooner. However I felt that the duration could have been a little longer than 30 minutes- maybe 45. The massage was energising and the pressure was just right. My compliments to the masseur!

laoccitane spa gurgaon

My friend opted for the Amaltas Awakening which is one of their signature ayurvedic massages. It incorporates amaltas oil in the procedure and is useful as a metabolic booster as well as for pain relief. The therapist, Mercy was a delightful person to deliver the treatment. The smile on her face never left and she may appear delicate but her strokes were firm, and really enhanced the process. My friend actually felt rejuvenated after the treatment. The amaltas awakening starts with relaxing the feet with lavender foam. After which the client is massaged for 60 minutes. The hour long kneading of muscles with firm strokes stimulates circulation and removes any stress from both the mind and body. They also have two couple’s suites with bathtubs for that relaxing soak after the massage.

The Spa manager Mr. Suyash Singh is a knowledgeable and pleasing personality. Not only does he keep a track of the competition, but is also well aware about other aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. One can actually sit back and chat with him as you wait for your turn. His calm demeanour gives you confidence that he is on top of the things and that you are in the right hands.

amaltas spa gurgaon

In the city of GURGAON, Amaltas is the only L’occitane Spa and one of the very few walk in spas. More often than not, spas in hotels are meant only for their own guests. This is a welcome change. Definitely worth a visit! Though at present, the approach to the hotel is little cumbersome because of all the digging happening on the golf course road but once you are in you will just soak in the peace and quiet and forget all about it! .

A word of caution, doors of solid wood are pretty heavy and not easy to push/pull!


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