A successful Digital Media Conclave at Le Meridien Gurgaon

The F&B rendezvous to discuss the challenges and solutions of Digital Marketing. Recently a one of its kind Conclave was held with special emphasis on the challenges and best practices for F&B Industry and in Digital Marketing Solutions for the F&B industry!!

The Digital Media Conclave organised by Deepak Khera, #hospitalitydoctor and managed by #yumzupexperiences, with Ajay Khanna of 5th Element Hospitality as the Strategy Partner, was a full-day conference spread across Keynote Address, Interviews & Panel Discussions focused largely on digital marketing and the F&B industry in India. The top industry Stalwarts were present to share their insights on new digital trends.

Specially curated sessions with esteemed Panelists and Moderators included:

Digital Media Conclave

Welcome Address by the Guest of Honor, Chef Manjeet Singh Gill

· Topic 1: Is Social Media a necessary evil? How does Social Media Impact the Business of F&B? It’s all about trust in today’s world of over information.

· Topic 2: Basil vs Thyme? Chefs put in long hours of practice, study and hard work in developing menus and special dishes. What is the background which qualifies bloggers to be able to question them on quality and food design?

· Topic 3: Responsible Blogging: Restaurant Owners share their experiences with Bloggers and audience

· Topic 4: Do Food consolidators play a role in influencing the Public? Reps of Easydiner, Zomato and Swiggy share their opinions with the audience

· Topic 5: Online Food Groups Online Food groups have built up enviable followings! Do these groups really cast a spell on their members or are these just a sign up and then forget it phenomena.

· Topic 6: Are hotels happy to outsource the marketing function for their F&B? The age old conundrum of outsourced specialised support vs in house expertise.

Speakers at the Digital Media Conclave 2019

· Sahil Sambhi: Director, Yuvi Brands

· Sachin Papreja: CEO, Easydiner

· Jaydeep Anand: VP, Leela Hotels

· Rajan Chanana, Owner Big Wong Restaurants

· Chef Sudhir Sibal: Consultant

· Priya Badola : Wok to Walk

· Nitin Kapoor: Co-founder, Lub Lub Lebanese

· Karan Puri : Partner, What’s up Life

· Anshuman Sood: Director, Home Chef Association India

· Anshuman Malik: Owner, Little Zizo

· Ankit Tayal : Owner, Auro/Mango

The audience comprised of noted bloggers, prominent journalists, CEOs & marketing professionals across sectors such as Agencies, Brands & Radio domain.


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