3 Cheers For Three Cheers Productions- The Hand That Rocks The City!

To create something exceptional, your mind must be relentlessly focussed on the smallest detail, so said Giorgio Armani. When it comes to hospitality and events, the significance of the statement remains… unchanged. With Gurgaon being at the helm of everything ‘entertaining’, from comedy nights and live performances to formal meetings and even brand promotions at cut throat levels, the need for perfection is undeniable.

Therein comes Three Cheers Productions, turning around the essence of what we know about events and hospitality… providing all services under one roof!

The Man Who Came, Saw… & Conquered!

Hemant Nautiyal

Brainchild of Hemant Nautiyal, Three Cheers Production is here to bring life to brands and brands to life! And rightly so, with 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry behind him, having worked with the most premium names in the business as Taj Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels and as the vice-president Pan-India at MTV Flyp. But If there is one thing that not just Gurgaon, but restaurateurs pan-India have to thank for… it is the concept of microbreweries! Hemant pioneered the concept in India with India’s first ever microbrewery, Howzzat at Galaxy Hotel. The rest, they say….. is history!


Starting his journey as a bartender, he was taken up by a group of young enterprising entrepreneurs, and there on began the hospitality boom that Gurgaon boasts of, with the best and the most visited party destinations, started by him. Some of the other prominent places that he worked with are Soi7, Adda by Striker, Walking street, Flying saucer, Mtv Flyp ( VP pan India ), Taj hotels.


With all that backing Hemant’s expertise, Three cheers Productions was born. You got an event coming up or thinking of creating one? Running out of ideas or stressing over the budget? Thinking of opening a restaurant, brewery or vying to make it work? Looking to indulge people and keep them coming back…. Then you have got to raise a ‘Three Cheers’ toast! From ideating, curating the team, menu and theme to bringing the place to be the talk of the town, Three Cheers Productions brings all services under one roof.

You Name It, They Have Done It!

They are a one stop shop for a complete range of event management and hospitality consultancy services with an impressive list of the most premium brands in their client list for F & B.

They have also had the most renowned artists as Strings, Shafquat Amanat Ali, Jal, Vir Das , Lucky Ali, Rabbi Shergill, Agnee, Indian Ocean , Parikrama, Raghu Dixit , Shibani Kashyap, Harshdeep Kaur to name just a few… on board for specially curated events.

If you’re a Live gig fan, Three Cheers has got you covered there too…. having been associated with the most sought after bands in the city, Djs that spin the best music to get your event rocking, literally… and stand -up comedians to lighten your evenings!

With the city thriving in every sphere of hospitality and the unending array of live performances, Djs, Bands and what not, the fight to be the best ends here. From Talent and artist management to hospitality consultancy, and awarded as the Most Preferred Consultant In Hospitality And Artist Management at the Hindustan Times Awards, they’ve got it all covered. It is then safe to say that much of what Gurgaon has to offer, comes from their kitty, bringing vibrancy to the entertainment scene of the city.

Here is how Three Cheers Productions gets your back…

  • Experience-driven and creative to the core, Three Cheers Productions believes in bringing the best of all worlds together. They unite brands to create the impossible.
  • Their Client centric approach makes them your perfect ‘friend indeed’, delivering output outcomes and extending guidance to uplift brands, as they take care of the minutest detail, until its perfection! The brands mentioned are a proof in themselves!
  • Exciting, Creative, spot on solutions, comfortable and convenient management and nurturing client relationships…. Three Cheers Productions stands for all of that…. What can ever go wrong then?
  • Their Themed events are something to look forward to…. they’ve got one for everyone.

The Magic Continues…

Radisson Udyog Vihar

If Gurgaon is your place to hang out, some of the best places owe their popularity to Three Cheers Productions. Friction the Drinkery, Raasta Cyber Hub, Lost Lemons, Radisson Hotel Udyog Vihar and Anutham Hotels and Resorts Jammu are currently the list of clients that Hemant has been Consulting, and no points for guessing…. these places are some of the hottest destinations to hit in and outside the city. A cheer of thanks!

What Is Three Cheers Doing To Bring In 2020 Full Throttle? (New Year Eve Celebrations)

Live performances, Music to keep you gripped, Food that ensures an encore, and non-stop entertainment…. Just the way you would like to bring in the New Year. Here are some of Three Cheers Productions’ offerings to ring it in….

Friction the Drinkery

Taj City Centre

Foxtrot Cyber Hub

Raasta Cyber Hub

Radisson Udyog vihar

Lost Lemons

Madhavgarh Aravali

With that kind of entertainment…. and that kind of an array, it’s a must to shout out three cheers to Three Cheers Productions! Gurgaon, be ready for some more…..

Call 9990383131 to book your seat for celebrations that will forever be etched!


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