The Bikers Cafe Golf Course Road Gurgaon The Bikers Cafe Golf Course Road Gurgaon
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Golf Course Zone (Golf Course / Ext. Road | Nirvana Country | Sector 50-75)
The Bikers Café
The Bikers Café
The Bikers Café
The Bikers Café
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The Bikers Cafe captures the love for motorcycle and long drives on the Indian highways. Delicious grub, detoxifying juices, popular music, and a decor which only bikers can dream of, defines the theme of this restaurant. So, eat, indulge and enjoy at this fun place as you reminiscent about forgotten road trips or upcoming ones.

Ground Floor, Emaar MGF Palm Springs Plaza, PSP-12, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Fun at Bikers Cafe

The Fun at Bikers Cafe means:

a) Cutlery, Games, Dartboard competitions etc.

b) Events which are classy n unique : Jazz, Karaoke, Open mic, live music. 

c) Bar tricks and magics (No one has done so far), Drive a day called "behind the bar". Make your own cocktails your way and some bar magics and games. 

d) Highlighting stuff like serving shots and welcome drinks . 

e)Selfies and funny and unique helmets.

f) Bikers performance night (could be ladies night).

g)Women get to get a ride on there choice of bike once in a week (On a Sunday).

h)Unique way of celebrating occasions.

i) Concentration and golf games in the garden.

Food at Bikers Cafe

The Food at Bikers Cafe means: 

a) Driving the intelligent and a exclusive kind of food. 

b) Some of the most unique concepts we have exclusivity in : Veg Samui Benedict / 3 flavor lemon perfumed thai fish/ Bikers chicken fusion discovery/ Road king rooster (Recipe gifted by bikers , selected by us,Signature cocktails, detoxifying body juices (Anti aging juices , muscle soother , weight loss to name a few) 

c)A riders journey to different kind of flavors of the world : French, Belgian, American, Greek , Cantonese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Arabian and local.  

d) The most unique breakfast in the country.

e) introducing the most classical old school way of cooking local but internationally popular food items.  

f)Eggless pancakes and international sizzlers. 

g) Salad of the month/ starter/main keeps on changing every month.  

i) Super biker cum super chef recipe of the month (changes every month).

Freedom at Bikers Cafe

Freedom at Bikers Cafe means

a) Free to work and take the cafe as your own office, no charges, free wi fi. 

b) Wall of confession to release your self free. 

c) Place and attitude to highlight freedom.(we can talk thru it ).

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Ground Floor, Emaar MGF Palm Springs Plaza, PSP-12, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon


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More About the Team

After the success of the Bikers café in Vasant Kunj Delhi & Kolkata. The Bikers Café brings a new joint from their group for Gurgaon food lovers in the ambience whipped in bikers theme.


The owners Mr. Sanjay Yadav and Rakhi Yadav are an amazing host specially for the Biking Community. Delicious grub, variety of drinks, live rock and metal music and a décor which only bikers can dream of, defines this theme restaurant blending with the best of old world food techniques with global cuisine.


Guests mostly try out the all time favourite starters such as Classic Margherita and Wild Wild West and Sphaghetti Meatballs from Pasta Rides.  At Bikers Café it’s always about good food, great roads and bikes.

The Launch Event

The café gained a special attention for Harley Davidson team who were seen amused by the chilled out feel inside The Bikers Café. The food is delicious… love the place…etc.etc. These were some words heard murmuring among the guests.